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Do you do a search before asking a question?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) December 26th, 2009

I try to remember to search a topic before posting a question. Sometimes I find a similar question has been asked fairly recently. If I am still really compelled to ask, I’ll put a different spin on mine, mostly because I don’t want it to be ignored! Do you search first?

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I try to, and I try to remind others to as well.
But we all slip up.

Sometimes, I’m just too eager.

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i get how it’s annoying to constantly see the same questions butttt there are new people everyday, which means new answers! sometimes i search, but most of the time i just ask (sorry guys!)

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This is something that needs improvement. On the last Q&A site I was a member of there would be a drop down display that appeared as soon as you started typing a question, almost like when you type something in Google search and suggestions appear. Something like that would be useful I think.

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I’m more of an answerer than an asker, but the few questions I ask are quite technical. I do try to figure out if it has been asked before but I’m still not really sure if I’m doing it right yet. I’ve had no complaints from the mods though.

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Yes I do. It’s why you’ll often find old questions floating to the top of the active tab. I like digging and who knows- other people might have something more to add too. I don’t really care if there are repeat questions. If I don’t want to answer something- I don’t. It takes less than a second to skip to the next question.

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Yes, I have tried that! I’ve also had to resort to sifting through “key word” searches because the search doesn’t work well at all. I try very hard not to unnecessarily annoy jellies. I’ve done well with my questions, so far.

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I learned about Google several days ago, and think I will be leaving Fluther now, as I have all the info I need now. Sorry :P

P.S. I am kidding, sorry, I know you all were happy that I was finally gone :)

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If I cant find the answer on the internet first, then I come here to Fluther to ask.

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psh no. i dont got time for that.

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No, I just ask it, then it gets rejected, then I fix it and ask again, then it gets rejected again. I will usually try it yet once again, and if it still gets rejected I wash my hand of it. I don’t think I’ve asked a question yet that hasn’t gotten shot down atleast once. Its actually kinda led me to just answer questions.

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Doesn’t everybody?

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asking questions here is a pain in the ass. I only do the answering, thanks.

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