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Do you over-indulge at christmas?

Asked by Dabria (450points) December 26th, 2009

People buy so much food and drink at Christmas, usually just for the sake of it. Do you think this just encourages people to eat and drink excessively?

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All I’ve eaten today are milk and cookies. You tell me.

Oh, the cookies I have eaten. NOM NOM NOM.

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Of course, big meals, lots of baking, family and friends all around. And I’m going to get crackers and cheese ball right now

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What should be special about Christmas? I overindulge every day of the year, it seems.

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Oh, and flan. I had flan.

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@asmonet oh not to forget the flan :))

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I over-indulge, mostly beer.

I think the smell of foods being cooked increases appetite.

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Not really. I got a lot of candy for Christmas, though. Lots of marzipan and chocolates. :)

And I’ve been making a lot of jambalaya lately…

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Chinese takeout and too much Scotch. A bit of a big head this morning. Blew it out with a run on the cross-country skis.

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Two words:

Cocktail weiners.

oh the heartburn!

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A little. Just because I have food in my house that I don’t have the rest of the year, like candy. However, since I don’t have candy the rest of the year, over indulging one or two days a year isn’t that big of a deal.

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Ooh yeah. Pumpkin pie for breakfast this AM. Lotsa stuff yesterday. Fried calamari & seafood chowder for Christmas Eve. Plus DH gave me bunches of cookies & fruit preserves; he must want me to be big as a house.
@DominicX I’m jealous- I love marzipan!!

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Once a year, we have turkey and stuffing and other Christmas food. We gather together to enjoy each other’s company and to give gifts we know the other would like or need.

I had the third Christmas party (BBQ) last night. I prepared the only vegetable dish for the BBQ – crudites. It was finished. There are five opened bottles of wine in my fridge right now cos we couldn’t finish them.

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I don’t think it encourages people to indulge on a regular basis no, but then again I’m dirt poor so I wouldn’t know.

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I over shop for food during the holidays because we always have drop in guests and I like offering my friends a decent meal or a treat.

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I have a pumpkin roll and stuffing in the fridge, so yes, I’m over-indulging. I figure as long as I eat it all by January 1st then it’s okay (Bad logic, but it’s the holidays, who cares?).

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Kind of logic I’m going for!

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We have gone to visit family, and since my family’s emotional life revolves around food we are being presented with all sorts of tasty goodies we don’t usually see. However, one doesn’t have to eat everything, just enough to satisfy.

OTOH, I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks so in a way I am over-indulging.

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Not anymore. I hate the feeling it brings on.

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No, I stick to my diet, but it’s easier for me than most, because I don’t like sweets. I prefer fruit and toasted bread to cakes or cookies. I only eat as much of the main meal as I usualy eat.

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@Silhouette yes thats a popular thing that people buy in just incase! trouble is you end up eating it all or throwing it away usually :)
@Velvetinenut WOW!!
@YARNLADY you are sooooo sensible!

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I love my food (as you know), and this year has been particularly good as far as over indulging goes :)
On the 26’th i even found myself at an all you can eat Chinese resturant…Whoa!!, ive finally discovered that noodles chips and curry sauce is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Chinese food is concerned.

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@Dabria Thank you. I decided I want to live to be 100 (at least) and so I live with that goal in mind.

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@Notrom becare there you will be putting on weight!
@YARNLADY good for you, I like your positive attitude and make that 110 :D

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Habits die hard.Doing something excess on Christmas like drinking is just an excuse for your affinity towards those stuffs.Christmas is just another day in life.If you do something in excess,you’d do that in other situations no matter if it’s Christmas or not provided, you get an opportunity.

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@engineeristerminatorisWOLV TRUE! I know people like that and I dare say everyone does..its an excuse for drinking and over-indulgance!

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