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Snoring question, sleeping next to somebody who snores?

Asked by reginahopkins (4points) December 26th, 2009

can you sleep next to somebody who is snoring? i am a very light sleeper and have trouble sleeping normally (insomnia), so when I’m in the same room as somebody who is snoring, it makes it near impossible to sleep – what do you all recommend?

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I slap my sister when she snores or just move her. Mean you might say, but it stops her from snoring.
I wouldn’t recommend slapping a person.

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I haven’t found an answer honey, I’m sorry. My Hubby snores like you just wouldn’t believe, and I spend most nights having to repeatedly roll him onto his side (he snores worst when he’s lying on his back). Someone suggested on another thread to use earplugs? I haven’t tried them though, so I’m not sure how well that works. I suffer from terrible insomnia too though sweetheart so I know what you mean. Sorry I can’t be more help,
hugs xx

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I wear earplugs, and my man is going to a doctor soon to see what the issue is.

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My husband snores like a drunk, sinus-infected lumberjack. The only way I can sleep is to both have a large fan running to provide ambient noise & also to mold a pillow around the ear that I’m not laying on. I must have BOTH of these barriers in place & sometimes I even have to make sure I go to bed first so I can fall asleep before he does.

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My hubby snores when he isn’t well, I usually just give him a little shove to try and stop him but if he doesn’t stop I switch on my trusty tourch and read!!

I’ve heard that sleeping on a firmer materess can help too

ps welcome to fluther

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