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What pickup line has actually worked for you?

Asked by CatLover002 (88points) December 26th, 2009

List some pickup lines you used on a girl/guy that worked, got them interested in you, and you ended up at home with him/her. (feel free to bust out a story about how the particular situation/convo went down)

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“I… I love your outfit. You look amazing.”

Totally and utterly worked. It was just about the sweetest thing ever. I left him my card and we went out a few times.

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“I’ve seen you here a few times. I like you.”

That was me, saying it to her. I was pretty drunk, but worked for some really, really weird reason. Way outta my league.

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he said this exactly:
“if no one has to told you that your gorgeous today….well, your gorgeous and if your not seeing anyone id love to take you out sometime”

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Well I was the one that said the line and it worked for sure. The girl said it was late and she needed to go to bed to get her beauty sleep and I replied “pfft sif you need any of that”. Coming to think of it now boy was that a corny line but now we are going out.

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My best ones come when my a cappella group invites guest groups to perform, attend an after party, and spend the night. Some favorites:

I put up a bunch of people in my living room. One guy was trying to curl up on the loveseat. I said, “There’s no way you’re going to be comfortable on there. Come and share my bed.”

A year later I had my new a cappella boy picked out. I said, “You know how we offered you guys accommodation for the night? Well how would you like to be accommodated in my bed with me?” He said this was the most forward a girl had ever been with him.

Works every time.

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You seem like the perfect female to plant my seed into and give birth to my offsprings and nurture them
Works every time.

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“I’ve never seen so many illegal aliens clustered in one place”

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“You know the 50ft woman is actually more like 165ft.”
~Said pointing to an “Attack of the 50ft Woman” poster.

She laughed and said “oh really, how do you know” and I explained and then she asked “Why do you know” and I said “I was looking around for a topic to bring up with you”

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Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…

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Forget pick up lines! Use the DENNIS system

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Some guy told me, ” If you were a tear in my eye, I would not cry in fear of losing you.” It was cheesy, but it was cute.

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I don’t know.. never had to use one…

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“hey beautiful”

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Pull my finger!

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I was in line with a friend waiting to get into the place we were seeing a band play and this guy (my now ex-boyfriend) came up to me and told me he would regret it if he didn’t come tell me he thought I was “stunning.” I’d been called cute or pretty before, but not stunning. We exchanged numbers then and ended up dating for a while.

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I met my boyfriend back when he worked part time in an Internet/cafe shop that also sold books.

I’m so lame.

Cuz like, I went there the first time, hoping it might be a cool place to hang out in, and saw the guy at the counter who I thought was totally hot. So I went back a few days later determined to say something to him besides my order for coffee, and what do I say?

So like, you work here?



But it worked haha.

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The I love your outfit thing, btw, was said to me. I didn’t say that to him.

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While shopping at the local department store “Wow- your Animals are going to be Real Happy when you get home!” they’re gonna want a great walk in the park… Got her number and called her the next day, met with her for that walk to the coffee shop. Saw her several times a week for half a year and then Moved in with her- Then Married her and this was 16 years ago!!! My Wife…

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“Is your name short for Shigeo?”

That let the man who eventually became my husband realize that he had finally met someone who knew something about Japanese-Americans. Then we got into an argument about how much sugar goes into a teriyaki sauce, and he knew he was in love.

It took me a little longer to figure it out.

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I know a guy that used this one:

“Nice shoes… Wanna fuck?”

She said yes, they did. God dammit I wish I had more confidence.

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@trumi pulling off a stunt like that is really more about the thrill of what someone else will say in response to it. You know it probably wont work so its fun to see what they say. Do it one time expecting it to fail. you probably will have a funny stoy to tell someone

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“I was just making some broccoli. Do you like broccoli?”

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He said to me…“I’d really like to kiss you”. and it worked! lol

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