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Does your TV provider do a weekly test every night?

Asked by avvooooooo (8870points) December 27th, 2009

Is this just me? Is there something that I can do about it? Its very, very disconcerting to be almost asleep on nights when I go to sleep and have the testing signal blaring at you every night. If they’re going to do this every day, why even call it a weekly test?

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That seems a bit much. I do think they are testing several times a week for me, rather than weekly. Try contacting your cable provider.

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I am not up that late.

Why not set the timer on your TV so it turns itself off a half hour after you fall asleep?

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@Kelly_Obrien It often goes off at the hour when I am almost asleep if I go to sleep on the early side for me.

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No one ever seems to test anything on our TV, We have Grande Communications, and the TV can be on 24/7 and still not undergo such a test.

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Annoying, isn’t it.

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If I’m actually awake, I go diving for the remote to mute it before it bleats more than one time. But if not… bleh.

Is there a particular department or something that I need to contact to try and get them to make it maybe a biweekly test instead of doing it at 2 in the morning every single night?

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It seems they do it once every week, on my cable, you should get a hold of your local cable company.

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I’ve never noticed Comcast doing that… but sometimes I wonder if they care if they’re on the air or not!!

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A WEEKLY test EVERY night? Good grief?

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I remember stations doing that before they went off the air.
That was back in the old days when stations went off the air at night.
I’m old.
Get off my lawn.

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