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Best places to visit in Puerto Rico?

Asked by iciclesounds (4points) December 27th, 2009

My friends and I are going to Puerto Rico tonight. Our tentative plan:

First night in San Sebastian to go to the Mask Festival in Hatillo.
Second night—???
Third Night – Fajardo
Fourth and Fifth nights – Vieques
Last day – visit Old San Juan and leave…

So, does anyone have suggestions for night two, and then fun stuff to do during the day?


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It is a not-to-be missed experience to see the bioluminescent bays. La Parguera is one of the best known.

Also, the radio telescope at Arecibo.

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What @Marina said.

If you want a touristy area with a bit of neighborhood flair, head to El Concado. Gorgeous, quasi-resortish, yet has a whole lot of cultural, native flair. Very nice to just walk down the street and enjoy the sights, sound and cool breeze.

Plus, I was born there!

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Definitely the bioluminescent bays. They are fantastic. Just watch out for jellyfish! My sister got stung by one while swimming in a bioluminescent bay, kind of put a damper on the experience.

Don’t forget El Yunque rain forest! If you follow a certain path, there’s a great waterfall with a little swimming area at the end.

Sorry I can’t be more specific; it’s been years since I went to Puerto Rico. It’s a gorgeous place. Have fun!

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Camuy, the caverns. Over a million years old and when you see the vegetation you will feel like you went back in time back to the jurasic period. Also Ponce has some very interesting old buildings and a beautiful art museum. Or the rain forest is also very beautiful and the beach near by. Luquillo Beach is the name. I haven’t been there for years but the water is beautiful and so clear. At least when I went back 10 years ago. Have fun.

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