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Besides using the heater in your home, What are some other ways of keeping yourself/others warmer in the home?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 27th, 2009

Been having some very chilly/cold/freezing weather lately and the electric bill is gonna be “sky high” so I am looking for other ways to keep warm in the winter months, inside my home.

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Love my electric blanket, baby!

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Start a fire. You know, in the fireplace. Don’t set your house on fire.

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Flannel sheets and PJs, and a goosedown comforter.

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We wear sweaters, thick socks, blankets on every couch and chair. Flannel is my life. If I use the dishwasher or oven, I leave the doors open when they are done so the heat comes to me! if you close blinds and curtains it helps too. Menopause jumps in with flashes now and again, but that only helps me>

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Wear lots of layers, several thin layers will keep you warmer than just a single chunky jumper (wear that on top of the layers lol) Do as my dear little Grandmother always told me, wear a vest under your clothes, even smart work clothes, no one will see it and it gives you an extra layer of warmth.

Heavy curtains, close them on really cold days, keeps the heat in (even with double glazing) extra blankets/throws etc on your beds (pile them on and snuggle under with a hot water bottle)
hugs all xx

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Sex! lots and lots of sex! haha

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Increase your humidity. Humid air feels warmer. You can do this as easily as putting a big, heat-resistant bowl of water near your furnace, or anywhere air blows.

This also makes it easier on your skin, too, not so dry and crackly.

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Close off rooms which are not in use.

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Coffee and other warm beverages

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Close all the vents except for the room you are in. If you leave the room- close the vent. Caulk around windows to seal off drafts. Use curtains to block off open doorways to trap heat.

Wear wool! Cotton is good next to your skin as a base layer, but doesn’t trap the same amount of heat as wool. Keep your feet dry. If your slippers get moist take them off and wear socks for a bit. Wear a wool knit cap indoors. Layers are your new best friend.

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@faye I get those occasional “hot flashes” and I totally understand! LOL I do wish they would go away though. They come on at a time when they shouldn’t. Like yesterday standing in line at a store…......gezzzzzzz! lol Thanks!

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I close the vents and shut the doors to unused rooms.

A programmable thermostat is a good investment.

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have lots of sex

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@lungsday some of us have to make do with wearing more not less. But I remember….

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I would set up camp in one interior room that you can seal off from the rest of the house. Get everybody cute or goofy hats they can wear along with throws to help keep warm. Sleeping bags on the bed and make sure everyone learns to sleep with light jammies if at all to let the body heat warm up the bedding. 55–60 degrees can be quite doable if you do it right or better yet with the right person!!

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We all tend to huddle in the TV room with the dogs and close it off so it is heated with a blend of body heat and heat from the humongous television and the giant hot water heater. Then we cover up with jackets and blankets.

Because our has has vinyl siding over the original siding we have an extra inch of insulation, which works very well to keep heat in and cold out (or the oppodite in the summer.

300+ pounds of dog makes the biggest difference since their normal temperature is higher than ours.

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Double pillowcases
Double fitted sheets over a mattress pad or thick blanket/comforter
Lotion all over skin before dressing
Thermal or silk longjohn’s under pants
Fabric shower curtain in bathroom
bathroom towels kept folded in stacks rather than hung, folded over once
Fabric curtains
Fabric cushions on chairs
Fabric tablecloth at meals
It might be mental but I feel warmer if I smell a saucepan of spiced water simmering on the stove
A few candles lit around the house also make it feel warmer
A cap or hat will make you feel warmer too

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Huddle under the covers with another person and several large dogs.

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I get into bed.

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I just remembered another one. My mom used to fill up hot water bottles (or two-liter empty soda bottles) with very hot water and put them in bed. It stays warm a long time like that.

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You can put foil-wrapped baked potatoes in bottom of bed as a foot warmer.

I keep my thermostat very low and simply wear more clothing. Milo grows a thicker coat.

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@Cruiser Is there a good reason for everybody wearing cute and goofy hats? lol How many are in your betime party?

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I imagine everyone in goofy hats will make people laugh even harder, which will keep them warmer. :-)

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Awwwwwww sure…......lets out tons more “hot air” and in return, heats up the room. Very good plan Cruiser! hehehe! Thanks Dr.!!!

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we have the fireplace. I cut my own wood every year so I get more of the warming advantage than the rest of the family who only gets the fire. Also I keep my shoes on in the house. For some reason i just feel warmer all over when I keep my feet dressed.

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We used to close off the bedrooms doors and heating vents… and make camp in the living and dining rooms…. directing all the heat into those rooms and the kitchen ‘n bath room .

Also; we would put up heavy plastic over all the exterior and interior windows’d be surprised at how much COLD air comes in thru the windows… want an idea ? Put your palm on a window… if its cold, cold is getting into the house ....

Hope you can warm up….

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Cover yourself and your loved one with a quilt or blanket while hanging out in the livingroom or when watching TV or reading.

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Lots of puppies.

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