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How competitive are you when vying against your significant other?

Asked by tinyfaery (40416points) December 27th, 2009

The wife and I play games a lot, but neither of us care about who wins. We give each other tons of hints during trivia games. When we play wii games we let the other catch-up if the game is one sided. No one goes for the kill or even says anything about winning or losing. It’s more about spending the time together.

I can’t imagine being in a relationship where I felt in competition with my SO. We are a team, always.

How competitive are you and your SO? What types of competition do you and your SO engage in? If you have a relationship where you and your SO often engage in true competition, please explain how this fits into your relationship.

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We don’t really compete. We do things together for fun.

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When playing games or debating, we both play to win. We’re also both sore losers and can’t stand to be wrong lol he more than I. I don’t see this as a problem at all. It keeps us sharp and quick, and it’s enjoyable. We’d do anything to help each other (in real life situations), and I still see us as a team despite the fact that we compete for fun.

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I’m a stubborn, selfish little turd and get a little grouchy for about 40 seconds if I lose in anything vs my wonderful, beautiful, life changing and perfect girlfriend.

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Thats cool that you guys work together. My parents are pretty competitive and play card games to win. I think part of the problem is my dad eggs my mom on (don’t worry, it’s all fun and games).

A better question might be, how do you find a significant other?!

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We play to the death. We’re both horribly sore losers AND winners. But we also make board games for each other on a regular basis.

If you put us on a team together, we’re unstoppable. UNstoppable.

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@andrew [high five]

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We are competitive. (I am competitive with most things.) But we never take it to the point of argument. We are competitive in a fun way.

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We pretend that we are competitive during the game, but neither of us cares who wins. Though, it feels really nice to beat my husband, the video game master, at a video game once in a while. He’s like freaking Jimmy from The Wizard.

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I don’t think we’re that competitive. We play video games together all the time, and I usually don’t go easy on him, because there are certain games where one of us is much better than the other. We have different strengths, and accept that although I may whoop him in Mario Brothers mini-games, I could never beat him in Dead or Alive. That is, unless he is distracted by the busty video game girls.

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Not at all, unless we’re playing a board game with other people.

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Hubby and I aren’t competitive in the classic sense, but we argue on the best way to get something done. I can condense everything down to a Spartan-like schedule; his culture has no need for clocks, when calendars work better for their utter lack of scheduling. I think watches are merely for show. They like to do things as a group, which means everyone has to drop what they’re doing, hop in the car, and drive to a place that could have just has easily been called first, to see if the product-of-the-moment is in stock. For us, the competition is due to variations in cultural norms.

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Board games, shooting, whatever… I expect us to each do our best but without aggressiveness. I enjoy to see my partner excel at fun things and imagine (hope) he thinks the same as me.
Right now my ex husband/best friend and my current partner are out together at the gun room (they’re both excellent marksmen) and are reporting via text what a great time they’re having. What is life is there is no one of good sport to give you a little challenge now and then?

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@andrew We’ll take you on, anyday.

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at some points too much I do believe, but its all in fun

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We are pretty competitive at games. We used to play a lot of cards and it would be impossible for us to be partners at Spades. We would get to arguing if one sandbagged or bid too high, etc. We started had more fun if we were playing on different teams. I hate playing video games with him. He beats me at every game we play except Guitar Hero. I am much better at that than he is. It makes him mad to the point he won’t play. I call him a poor sport. He agrees. Which is the first step to acknowledging he has a problem.

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I pretend that I’m not that competitive and just let it be whatever but I usually find myself ramping up my game to an intensity that can be way out of proportion to its importance. I tell myself internally “who really cares” and then I find my self feeling like a two year old. If I’m careful I can keep it in perspective and just have fun. If i start getting too caught up in it, even a bowling game can tarnish my evening I’m so wrapped up in it.

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My gf and i are currently in a heated battle on any Bejeweled game we play, not fun since shes been winning.

I dont feel the need to beat her at everything, but im gonna damn sure try :).

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It depends on the type of competition.

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