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Thawed out raw crayfish - is it safe to cook and eat after 3 days in the fridge?

Asked by Fernspider (3592points) December 27th, 2009

I had a raw frozen crayfish which I had planned on cooking and eating on Christmas day. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

I thawed it out on the bench for about 30 minutes on the evening of the 25th and put it in the fridge when I realised none of us would have room in our stomachs to eat it.

It is now the early afternoon of the 28th and I am considering cooking it for lunch. Would this be safe?

I have never cooked one before and have reservations about seafood.

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If it doesn’t yet have an ammoniac smell, you are probably OK. I’d check each one.

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Oh, ok great. Thanks @pdworkin. I thought I might cook it and if it smells nice, eat it. LOL.

Seafood is not something I am familiar with RE: cooking so wasn’t sure if the smell was a true indication of safety.

I feel guilty wasting it… poor wee cray.

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Smell it before you cook it.

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You will know instantly if theyre bad or not by the smell. (and boy do the fuckin smell when theyre bad)

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If it smells OK, you are good to go. It depends on how long it had been around before it was frozen.

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Our fish market sells a lot of defrosted fish and guarantees it for 3 days after you buy it. First, keep it as cold as possible as you store it… on ice in the fridge is good. I would suggest though that, as people have mentioned here, you smell it first. Any signs at all that it’s not fresh any longer… TOSS IT OUT! You don’t want to get sick over it, believe me!!!

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Thanks guys! Yep, it smells fine. Is currently cooking on the stove. Now the true test is knowing when it is really to take off the boil!

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Not long.

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Also feel it. It might have turned but not smell so bad, yet if it is slimy, it has turned.

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We are currently eating it and it is very tasty :) Much appreciation for the quick help.

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Mazel Tov!

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@Rachienz: Check in with us tomorrow, just to be on the safe side. Or ask a neighbor to make sure you’re all OK.

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LOL – 9 hours and still feeling fine :) I’ll let you guys know if I get the urge to chunder through the night!

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