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Where is the best city in the US (or the world) to move to?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) December 27th, 2009

If you could move anywhere in the United States where is the best place to live? I am about to move out of my parents house and I already have a very flexible job because I work from the computer. I like big cities and I am thinking about new york but I want somewhere warm so I’m also thinking about Los Angeles or Honolulu or Tampa. Where is the best place to move to?

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hawaii is awesome! i’m not too sure about living there though, it’s a nice vacation spot. consider what kind of money you have saved & are willing to spend… then work on finding a city.

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@jctennis123 I don’t think there is just one great city to move to; it depends on you. But out of L.A., Honolulu, New York, and Tampa, I would pick Honolulu. If I could afford it though.

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intercourse, pa…duh.

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Beach or mountain? Desert or tropics? Four seasons or one? English or polyglot? City or town or suburbs or country or outback?

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I’d recommend either San Francisco or San Diego. They’re both awesome. I happen to live in San Francisco, so I’m a little biased, but I can recommend San Diego as well. SD is plenty warm and basically is 70 degrees all year long, if you like that kind of thing. It’s also beautiful and clean.

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@DominicX : it’s so cold here (sf) today! not the perfect place to live if you want warm!!! but a great city, still.

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If I was in your situation, I would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat! great climate, but tough economy so if you have your work you are set.

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My choice was Pittsburgh, PA.

(waiting out the gasps!)

Here’s the deal: you can’t beat the cost of living, you get 4 seasons, it’s an easy 90 minute flight to NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta, only 2 hours to Orlando. There’s a strong Creative Class, incredible arts, great sports, and no disasters. (We get blizzards every 5–10 years, and a major rainstorm every 10 years or so, but that’s the worst of it).

You have a job, so you don’t need to suffer through the crappy job market.

Edited to add: a year ago I moved my job in San Francisco to Pittsburgh (working remotely for a SF company), I have no regrets.

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If I could move anywhere, it’d be Missoula, Montana.

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Wausau, Wisconsin. Not too small, not too big, great people.

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San Francisco

All world-class cities.

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SF has weather, just enough so you can tell one day from the next. We have more colleges and universities per sq mile than anywhere else. We have so many computer related jobs that they have to import workers from India <;P

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It depends on the cost of living. Watch some of the real estate shows on TV; a 900sq. foot apartment in San Francisco could get you a whole house in a place like Salt Lake City. If you want something in a better climate, try Boise. They get snow, but your located near a bunch of hiking trails and outdoor activities, and there’s a thriving arts and cultural scene.

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I believe places like Hawaii,Florida and L.A are nice places to visit but I don’t think I would want to live there. New England is a great place to live if you can stand the cold.

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I can vouch for LA. I loved it here. Ocean, mountains, desert, big city. Mexico, San Francisco, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and A LOT MORE are within a day’s drive. Near the coast the weather is perfect for me. I do not tolerate heat and I never owned an air conditioner in 5 years there.

Florida is too humid for me.

Never been to Hawaii (but I think I would love it.)

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West coast rules. East coast drools!
You say you want somewhere warm. Do you want somewhere humid and warm, like Florida? Or do you want somewhere dry and warm, like San Diego (Or Phoenix)?
Do you want to live near the beach, or do you not care?

There are so many factors to consider.

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There are always trade offs. SF with freedom of thought vs SLC with no thinking allowed, you’re going to have to come up with something better than more bedrooms than people

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@Pretty_Lilly And the hot, and the rain, and the dry… Trust me, after a few decades, it gets old.

Define “best”.

Florida is too warm and wet for my tastes, the rest of the South, the Mid-west, Southwest, and especially Texas are right out for me too, though some people seem to like them. San Diego had decent weather and okay people but was a boring town. Boston is very rude. Seattle has a nice atmosphere and interesting things to see/do, but the weather is a little iffy at certain times of year.

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‘Nuff said. And I don’t even live there.
I don’t know much about the US, nor do I care about it

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Montpellier, France
Queretaro, Mexico
Barcelona, Espana
Capetown, S. Africa
Lisbon, Portugal
Coimbra, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
I have a bias…

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Melbourne – Australia
Kailua or Honolulu – Hawaii – USA
San Francisco – California – USA
Auckland – New Zealand

Some of the places I would love to live.

Different people have different tastes though. I like medium to large sized cities but not too huge with nice weather, laid back/liberal cultures, arty and plenty of shopping…. near the sea preferably. Mmmmm, Hawaii * drools *. I very much enjoyed living in Hawaii but best to try and avoid living in really touristy areas.

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I LOVE living in good ole FLORIDA…..

There is nevver any Snow, Ice, Freezing weather…. icy streets, etc….

The housing market is down… so are rents…

In some of your smaller towns like Orange City -DeBary etc are just three miles or less to Interstate 4 ..about 35–40 minutes from Orlando and the Attractions…. about 45 minutes from Daytona, Beach and New Symerna beach….

There ARE jobs if one goes and LOOKs ; but they don’t fall into your laps…..

Also; in towns like DeBary, Orange City, Lake helen etc ..the crime rate is FAR BELOW national and even state average….. a nice place to Live and raise a family…

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new york city without a doubt

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If you are looking for happiness, here is the latest survey conducted in England, concerning the United States. According to this survey, the people that live in the following states(in order) are the happiest overall, living in their state. 1. Louisiana(yet to figure this one out) 2. Hawaii 3. Florida and believe it or not folks, No. 4 is my state of Tennessee. this really does not surprise me for several reasons: we have the definite four seasons of weather. we have more annual sunshine than the state of Florida. the crime rate is no better or worse than other cities our size. the electric rates are very reasonable. Tennessee is the Mayo Clinic of the south with Vanderbilt Hospital. we have three beautiful lakes. and of course, the music. Tennessee has all kinds of music. in my occupation, i have talked to thousands of tourists that visit Tennessee. most are from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and people that live in the northern cold-weather states. you would be surprised at how many of these people move to Tennessee, after just one visit. i have lived here all my life and i can truly say that i am happy to live in Tennessee. check out Tennessee on the web. you just might discover that this is where you would love to live, too. the people here are very friendly.

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Tehran, Iran…the living is easy and the people are very friendly to non-Muslims. You should check it out. Pyongyang, North Korea is nice in the spring. You might want to take some snacks, though.

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I second Melbourne AU

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Tehran,Iran !!!!!?????????? Hey, I heard Ethiopia is great this time of year !!

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Don’t believe those who say Melbourne, Aus- Sydney is FAR superior. Geographically, it is much more beautiful. We have a better climate, and while interested in sport, don’t worship it as a religion like Melbourne does.

Having said that, ANYWHERE in Australia is superior to ANYWHERE in the US. At least we drive on the correct side of the road!!

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I always found Vancouver, British Columbia to have an amazing energy and fairly temperate climate not to mention the mountains and beautiful women. It’s almost like a dream city. And my other favorite dream city is Hong Kong. But there’s nothing like my girl New York.‘s canyons. She’s a fast talking, loudmouthed, bittersweet whore but I always take her back.

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Montreal, QC
San Francisco, CA

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