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How can I gift a custom iTunes playlist for a friend?

Asked by Seth (302points) December 27th, 2009

Apple claims that I can give a custom mix of songs to someone as a gift, but I can’t find any possible way to do that.

Here’s the link:

I quote: “Send a song, an album, a TV episode, an entire TV show, or a movie — EVEN GIVE A CUSTOM MIX OF SONGS — to anyone. Buy a gift and iTunes immediately sends an email to your recipient, who just clicks a link. Your gift starts downloading to your recipient’s iTunes library, ready to play or sync to iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.”

Can anyone help me on this? I tried making an iMix, but iTunes told me, “iMix publishing is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Suggestions?

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To send an iTunes Music Gift:

1. In iTunes, click iTunes Store in the Source list.

2. Find a song, album, audiobook, video, or iPod click wheel game that you want to give to someone. Then, do one of the following:
* To gift a song, click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, click “Gift this Song.”
* To gift an album, click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, click “Gift this Album.”
* To gift an audiobook, click “Gift This Audiobook” below the Add Book or Buy Book button.
* To gift a music video or movie, click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, click “Gift this Video” or “Gift this Movie.”
* To gift a TV show, click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, click “Gift this TV Season,” then either click the “Gift Season” or “Gift Episode” button next to an episode you wish to give.
* To gift a Game, click Gift This Game below the Add Game or Buy Game button.

3. Once you’ve clicked the Gift button, you’ll either be asked to sign in with your account name and password, or you’ll see a “Give a Gift” page in which you’ll need to fill in your recipient’s (and your) details, such as names, email addresses, and a personal message. It doesn’t matter which screen you get first—you will get both.

4.Once you’ve successfully signed in and completed the gift form, you’ll be brought to a page to review your purchase and confirm it.

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I am aware of that, but how can I send someone a CUSTOM playlist as a gift? One that I make, and then buy for someone.

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I think the easiest way might be to make this playlist, then find a way to get a hold of their ipod. You can upload the music on to it then wrap up their own ipod and give it to them as a gift wink wink obviously you would want to do this quickly and give it to them the same day so they don’t think their ipod has been stolen or lost. I know it’s not what you are asking for but it’s an alternative to messing with an effed up site.

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two options:

1) send each song on your playlist as an individual song

2) buy the music, burn a disc, and give it to them.

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Thanks. Apple lied to me… NOOOO!

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Create the playlist (after downloading the songs) then click on the arrow to the left of the playlist you want to send, select ‘give playlist’ and you’re done.

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Sorry, arrow appears to the right of the playlist, when you click on it. Also this is the UK store so wording may be different elsewhere.

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I had the same question and I just figured this out!! I didn’t own all of the songs I wanted to gift, and I didn’t want to buy them, only to have to buy them a second time for the gift. The key is that you can drag items from the itunes store to a playlist WITHOUT FIRST BUYING THEM.

1) Create a playlist in iTunes, name it whatever you want (press the ”+” icon in the bottom-left corner of itunes to create the playlist).
2) Drag the songs you want from the iTunes store into the playlist.
3) When ready, click the right-pointing arrow immediately next to the playlist name. You’ll have the option to publish the playlist or gift it. Follow the instructions from there.

Can’t believe I couldn’t find these instructions anywhere else on the internet, including Apple’s site. Hope this helps.

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But what if you DO already own the songs and ALL have a “purchase” date and you STILL get the error message “Gifting Album Only Items is Not Allowed”?

It makes no sense and Apple has done a poor job of documenting how to gift a playlist. As the beginning of this thread indicates, the support page DOES say that you CAN gift a play list but of course offers no directions.

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