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How do I get rid of these notifications on my Facebook profile?

Asked by jlm11f (12393points) December 27th, 2009

“PnL has become friends with Satan.”
“PnL liked Michael Jackson’s status.”
Make it stop.

Every single time you “like” something, or become someone’s friend, they post these notifications on your profile. You used to be able to control this, but with the new privacy settings, I don’t know how to do that other than removing each story individually.

Thanks and much lurve (and <3) to anyone who tells me the solution and thus stops my BP from rising.

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I feel your pain. I go through and delete them every once in a while. Hopefully someone knows a better way.

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I just go to my page and remove the stories I don’t want to see. There is a “remove” button to the right of every story on your page. It doesn’t take long for me, and I do comment, like, become friends with alot of people.

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Yes, but @PnL is too lazy to do that.

Edit: She clearly mentioned she knows that you can do that. If she hadn’t said that, the suggestion might have been useful.

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