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Prom is coming up and "somebody" doesn't know how to walk in heels): Is wearing flats or sandals a bad fashion statement?

Asked by mayratapia_ (371points) December 27th, 2009 from iPhone
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Why not go for a kitten heel instead? Flats, depending on the gown, would look a little odd and dowdy.

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As a heterosexual guy, I say: Wearing heels is for losers.

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Wear the sandals. Sandals are sexy.

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I wore nice flat sandals to my prom and looked perfectly sophisticated: these, actually, in silver.

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Go for it !

You are setting a good example for untold numbers of girls who sheepishly follow fashion trends and begin a lifetime trend of ruining their feet for nothing.

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It’s been a while since I was in school, but what kind of school has a Prom in midwinter?

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Walking in heels can be tricky, but the key thing is wearing them around the house. Try vacuuming in them, if you can do that you can do anything. And just think how happy your parents will be that you’re vacuuming! The shifting weight and movement will teach you everything you need to know about dealing with heels. Just start on the lower end. :)

If you don’t want to bother, you can definitely wear flats as long as you get your dress hemmed to the right length.

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Big faux pas

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No, there will be other people not wearing heels for other reasons as well. I know some of my friends will be wearing flats because they are already pretty tall, and they don’t want to seem any taller.

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Not sure what the fashionistas would say (::ahem:: @Facade), but if you wore open-toed, strappy sandles with a fresh pedicure, I’d be nibbling on you knees before sun-up.

assuming, of course, I was your date…and twenty years younger…and not married…and…ah, you get the idea.

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@cprevite :P

You should definitely be comfortable, OP. If you can’t do that in heels, then that’s fine.

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ill forgive you for it

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Definitely depends on your dress. If it’s floorlength, you may trip on it if you don’t wear heels. The shorter it is, the better flats will look: one reason heels are so popular is because they make your legs look longer, but a short dress will do that already. Just make sure that your shoes are elegant, match your dress, and are comfortable enough to dance in.

I personally love a nice pair of heels though, and I’d recommend that if you find a shoe with a medium-sized heel that you like, give them a go! (but don’t wear them to prom if walking in them is still awkward, because if wearing flats is a faux pas, falling over in heels is a bigger one)

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There are many shoes with low heels.

Not all of these are cute, but there are a lot out there with low heels. Wedges are great, as are those that are wider in the heel part.

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I think ballet flats are gorgeous, and look very nice with nearly anything – long, short, or indifferent.

And think how much happier you’ll be than all your friends, who have to carry their stilettos home in their hands, because they’ve broken a toe trying to do the… (insert name of popular synchronized dance here)

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fashion, smashion…who cares…prom isn’t all about looking like some image you have in your head…you’ll find that within an hour, all those girls will drop those heels like a bad habit to get down and dirty on the dance floor anyway…at least you, in flats, won’t look weird because your outfit will already ‘go’ with flats

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As one who loves heels, I say if you do not feel comfortable in them, I would go for a ballet flat. Some of the newer ones are gorgeous – just make sure they aren’t the same ones you would wear with jeans. Looking back at my prom, after an hour or so, all of the girls were barefoot because they hadn’t taken the time to get comfortable in their shoes before that night.

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You are so right-on about that ! !

GA X 10

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In my school, everybody just takes their shoes off at the door so they can dance barefoot and so anyone who actually buys nice shoes looks stupid. I say wear some kind of Converse; who’ll notice, anyway? I think that’s a fashion statement in itself.

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I can’t wear heels. Never been able to. I have to wear something with a strap across the instep, so a ballet slipper type is a good choice. Been to numerous weddings, and was even mother of the groom once. I’ve never had anyone look at me funny, or ever heard any comments about it either.

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