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Vista boots extremely slow

Asked by Spargett (5377points) February 27th, 2008

Hey, I’m a Mac guy and I’ve got a friend who’s Vista machine is booting really, really slow. I’m thinking hours.

It’s a pretty fast laptop so, hardware isn’t the issue. I imagine it’s spyware or a virus. Is there any tips on booting without any extensions loading or some sort of safe boot mode that may speed up the processes to get in and poke around?

Also if you know any simple fixes/causes for this symptom besides spyware/viruses that’d be really helpful. Thanks!

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man, I’m having the same problem with a dell labtop that’s just 2 weeks old. Vista is a real problem.

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My solution is by him a mac. Vista and all microsoft have a never-ending list of problems

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Do a clean reinstall of vista. Just make sure to back up any necessary data.

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I don’t like Windows and do not use it, so I’m not an expert, but I believe you ought to press F8 during bootup, which is confirmed by this website.

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I think the thing to do would be to just install XP Pro, as it really isn’t all that much different in terms of the feature set. (unless you really like the new security policies in vista).

If the computer is just taking a really long time to log in (not boot to the log in screen itself), then run msconfig and disable any unnecessary processes (messenger, qttask, java update, adobe stuff, etc.) (Obviously, you’ll have to wait for the computer to start up completely…)

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@zarnold actually feature set from vista would include Media Center which XP Pro does not have… if you’re using Vista Home Premium or Ultimate atleast.

I do agree though, XP is much more streamline, uses much less resources, and is much faster. And microsoft and security is kind of a joke in my opinion…so don’t keep vista for the security.

To access the “msconfig” utility under vista, click the start menu, and there will be a “start search” empty box you can simply type it into and hit enter.

I’d go buy a mac though =)

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