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Which quarterback holds the record for most passing yards in a game without a touchdown?

Asked by hoopski (49points) December 28th, 2009

On Sunday, Oakland Raiders quarterback Charlie Frye threw for 333 yards without a touchdown. That seems like a pretty rare feat, possibly even a record. I’ve searched Google and can’t find any results for “most passing yards without a touchdown”. Does anyone know who holds the all-time record for this admittedly odd statistic?

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It’s probably Charlie Frye of the Oakland Raiders who threw for 333 yards without a touchdown to his credit.

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Favre threw for 334 without a touchdown just this year (week 7 against Pittsburgh)...

Actually just found this list of 400 yard passing games… there’s a few with no touchdowns

The highest total I see is Warren Moon with 432 yards.

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Kurte Wanner or Peyton Maning.

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