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Do your family get-togethers feature a lot of alcohol or do you mostly enjoy each others company booze-free?

Asked by Jadey (480points) December 28th, 2009

I have realised that alcohol is a big feature of my extended family get togethers (older teenagers it’s legal here and adults alike). Sometimes I even wonder if its because its just so much more fun that way.

Do you always enjoy drinking together? Or is alcohol just for those families who can’t have a good time without it?

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Yep, lots of alcohol :-)

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We COULD have a good time without it, yes. Because we all get along great & have a good time. But my husband, son-in-law & daughter have their beer. I have my wine. NO ONE ever gets drunk. It never goes that far. We just have a good time with it.

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With my in-laws, who are the family I see most often, there is the occasional glass of wine. With my side of the family, there’s some beer around, but nothing excessive.

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There’s going to be beer and wine, but nothing else. People don’t get drunk.

I’ve never drank anything at a family get-together, but I am underage. I save my drinking for frat parties.

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Very little drinking now… ex-wife is gone! Her family loved to bring out the booze!!!

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We all drink at gatherings to stand each other for the most part. me and my brother have a few and watch the rest of the fam get smashed and fight. what’s famliy without a little difunction right?

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Neither… we don’t get along too well, and we don’t drink much. Sigh.

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Personally I’m straightedge, BUT my family in general use alcohol as a link for socializing. When coming over for reunions they greet and hand out alcohol.

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correction on my answer: part of her family loved to drink the booze!

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Thank goodness, booze free.

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With my own relatives, everyone might have a glass or two of wine. Maybe a couple of mixed drinks if we’re at a restaurant. Rarely more than that.

My husband’s family, however, has the alcohol flowing freely at family gatherings. There’s always at least one cooler of beer, several bottles of wine, as well as various fixings for whatever mixed drinks people want to make. I think it has more to do with having so many people (large family) with varying tastes than anything else. Sometimes my husband and his cousins will get a little drunk, but only if the party goes on late into the night. My father in law is the only full-time alcoholic in the family. We used to all drink more, but now that there are so many little kids in the family, the moms and dads hold back. We’re all really good about having a designated driver. In fact, my husband and I will decide in advance whose turn it is to cut loose so the other is prepared to drive home.

I don’t think we need the alcohol to have a good time, but since we all get together so rarely, we use it as an excuse to have a bit more fun than usual!

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@lovemypits86 I’d like to be a fly on the wall for some of your gatherings. It must be good entertainment…..LOL.

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Sometimes there is,sometimes not.It all depends on the occasion.With or without booze,people think my family members are hammered ;)

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Our family get togethers are always without alcohol and we have a good time. There’s one branch of the family that if they have a party there is alcohol there, but we don’t have any if it’s strictly a family get together.

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it is my sis-in law is a raging B and treats my bro like ashit on the bottom of her shoe and someone always ends up crying or throwning something or passing out. it’s great for the most part. glad i have a sitter for my son.

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We have booze-free gatherings.

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They used to feature a lot of alcohol. I remember one memorable Christmas Eve watching my brother-in-law crawl down the hall toward the guest bedroom in my mother’s house.

Now, they are blessedly alcohol-free.

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that’s a good question. I think alcohol helps relieve tension for everyone and helps everyone unwind and get prepared to talk a little more because everyone is asking them questions. I think having a few drinks here and there is acceptable at a family get together, but if everyone is abusing it (more than 4 drinks for women and more than 5 drinks for men) I think it may or has become a dependable thing to have at a party.

My family get togethers have always been booze free. Occasionally well have booze, but even then, only a few people drink and it is only a couple drinks per person. My family does not need booze to feel comfortable because we already accept one another and can enjoy each others company even when not impaired and “silly.” We are silly enough as it is!

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There’s usually some beer and wine around, but it’s not a major feature of the occasion, and most can take it or leave it. We have some nondrinkers, too, so there’s always something nonalcoholic.

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We don’t “enjoy” each other’s company very much, but there’s not too much alcohol. Just a glass of wine or two.

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No booze .. just family fun. We just never had any when we get together.

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We enjoy the beer and wine…the Xmas Rhino drank all the glug this year!

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We never have alcohol at our family gatherings, unless it is a religious holiday that requires ritual use of wine. I’m not sure why we never drink—it isn’t that any of us have any strong feelings either for or against alcohol. I do drink socially with my friends.

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It’s very rare that someone gets drunk even if there is alcohol present but most of the time are gatherings involve no more than a glass or two of wine per person.

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There is always some alcohol present in my family gatherings but nothing excessive and no one gets drunk when we are all together. Some of us are even teetotalers (like myself) and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Contrary to what some may believe, you can have a perfectly good time doing just about anything without having any alcohol involved whatsoever.

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it depends on which ones are not talking or have issues

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I do not deal with BLOOD family anymore; so when I get with Extended family, it is very little IF any alcohol…

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No one in my family is a big drinker. I was surprised this year on Christmas Eve when my dad went to the liquor store and got a case of beer. I think he, my husband and brother in law each had one. We all get along and enjoy each other. There is no need to get drunk.

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No booze in my family with the lone exception of a glass of Proseco on New Years Eve.

We spent our childhoods coping with two alcoholic parents. No desire for a repeat.

My friends are all non drinker also.

Booze is not necessary for a good time and no one is feeling deprived.

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No booze. Host family unit for get-togethers is Baptist and the mother of that unit doesn’t drink, so no one drinks before, during or after dinner. But the of-age 20-somethings to early 40-somethings will usually take off to hit a decent pub shortly thereafter.

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Its mostly alcohol free, though most of the family on my side enjoys a glass of wine or something stronger now and then. My mother and father-in-law don’t drink alcohol, so we’ll drink less frequently there—- still have our fun, though!

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It is there if you want some.

No one cares if you do not.

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Very occasional glass of wine with a meal. Nothing else. The biggest drinker in my family is me, and I don’t drink around the rest of the family.

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Our family gatherings don’t usually include much alcohol. Maybe a glass of wine or bottle of beer here and there, but it’s not for everyone and definitely not a main event.

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Wine and some beer. We keep it classy, except perhaps, when the karaoke machine is in full effect.

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No one in either of our families drinks any kind of alcohol, with the exception of an occasional glass of wine at a restaurant.

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You won’t get drunk or high. So I don’t go there.

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I usually have bourbon and vodka on the counter, and beer in the fridge. Except for one or two takers on the eggnog, we went through soft drinks like crazy.

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My fathers family and my in-laws were classic boozer/brawlers. I don’t associate with either any longer. I’m just a quiet solitary drunk now. Fathers family were all social alkies, Iin-laws were plain ordinary alkies.

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We always have wine and beer available.

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The family members who are friends of Bill W. watch the family members who might be better off as friends of Bill W. get totally sloshed. All in all it is a pretty good balance.

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My husband and his sister seem to require alcohol to tolerate each other. At least, it’s a very rare occasion I’ve even seen them make the attempt to do so without some social lubricant. And even with plenty of booze, there’s a time limit to the tolerance.

As for the rest of his family, they do drink – quite a bit – but it’s used more to make the stories they’re telling each other more interesting. It’s fun to hear the same story over and over, becoming more and more elaborate as the night (and the bottle) wears down.

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That gave me a chuckle. So true.

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WE have booze. We often try to make the dinner and booze match. And we’re always looking for new drinks, I found Capareilas [sp] but Canada doesn’t sell the sugar cane liquor in it. There’s often beer and wine. We get a little tizzled but not too bad- no fights.

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Most of the time, we drink a glass of wine (red or sparkling) when the family goes out to dine in restaurants, during festivities eg Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. If it is the normal weekly family gatherings, there is no wine unless mother wants to drink some or there is an opened bottle that needs to be finished.

No hard liquor unless it is Chinese New Year. I think we served from the same bottle of Scotch Whisky for several years during CNY as no one else drinks from it during other times.

No booze, no problem. It is just an extra.

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Always have some beer, wine or maybe a drink (bacardi, ketel one seem to be popular with my family). Usually every gathering there can be booze found but a lot of people in my family have kids now so youll see them sipping a beer or some wine but not getting outrageously drunk.

Ive noticed how different it is in NYC no one really wants to get that hammered figuring you have to walk to a bus/train, take that bus/train ride (sometimes with children) then walk again to your final destination. Not fun drunk.

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