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How do I factory restore my computer?

Asked by Cman (304points) December 28th, 2009

i have a hp computer running on windows vista. how do i restore it to its factory settings?

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There might be a feature on the start menu, or you could use a Recovery Disc or a Recovery Partition. I suggest you take it to Staples for their free tune up service and ask them.

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I personally use the Restore Disc, then you have it Un-Messed with from a CD Rom. just follow the on screen instructions and let it run, REMEMBER- Back up stuff you want to keep because it Erases Everything- Unless you have a Partion and saved everything on the other side (usually called “D” drive)...

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Your computer should have come with backup discs for this purpose. If not, it should have prompted you to burn some. If you insert the first of these while the computer is running, it may have a “repair” option to reinstall any drivers that have been corrupted etc. To do a full restore to factory condition, start the computer with this disc in the drive, and follow the prompts. It is really quite easy, you just need to be sure that you have created backups of any files, lists, programs and settings that you wish to keep because a reformat completely erases everything on the main hard drive as it reinstalls.

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Many computers do not have discs though; they use a recovery partition.

As @Blondesjon pointed out, it’s a BIOS thing, just like my Acer. It’s also one of those things that is spelled out in the manual, so it pays to keep that little book around ;)

It’s also why it’s a good idea to back your stuff up. Hard drives are cheap nowadays.

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So many computer companies are being stingy with bringing restore discs nowadays and tell you make youre own. Luckily if you have a Vista disc somewhere its as easy as loading that disc and entering the Serial Key on the side or back of youre machine on the windows sticker.

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@JesusWasAJewbot If you have a Vista disc, no wonder you need to restore :D

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@JesusWasAJewbot Same here. That is why I am sticking with the XP that I bought years ago. It’s been on four different systems now, and still works great. I’m too cheap to buy a system with a pre-installed OS and pay for the same thing four times.

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@JesusWasAJewbot ; I have XP too, Partioned it when I got it and have re-installed it several times to get rid of glitches but works great. There gonna have to prove Windows 7 works ok before I get one, don’t want a Vista Disaster!

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Hmmm… there are a lot of software settings, options and switches that can be set (or reset) to “default” positions, but I’m reading your Q more broadly than that. After all, there’s hardware in that machine, too!

So the only way that I can realistically offer for you to “factory restore” it (unless you live at the factory) is… to send it to the factory and ask them to do it.

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