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Can your views be represented by candidates from one of two Parties?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19718points) December 28th, 2009

In the USA, despite wide ranges of opinions and motivations, voters must choose to elect either a Republican or a Democrat.
What ever it is that the Republican Party stands for and what ever it is the Democratic Party stands for, can having just the choice between two candidates allow voters to express what kind of representative reflects what you believe in and want to see as your representative at any particular level of government.

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I believe that ALL of the candidates should be heard on ALL of the debates and other media as how else will we , as Citizens , know who we best feel represents our views and ideas ?

IF we limit the media exposure to just the Republicians and Democrates ; we will continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel for our leaders… as we have for a couple of elections…

I’m just a poor ole country boy… kinda liberal… BUT; I care about this country and it’s peoples… NOT so much it’s leaders as they do NOT appear to care all that much about us… God bless America, mom, and Apple Pie !!

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@HighShaman I understand the poor ole country boy part of your answer, not sure about the liberal part, the God or mom part, but I shure do love me some America and apple pie!

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Great question. It’s something I struggle with. I can find plenty of fault with both major parties, and am well aware of General Washington’s warning to us to avoid all political parties. However, given the realities of modern campaigning and the freedoms protected by our Constitution, I do not see how parties are to be avoided.

Some countries get at the problem by having tons of parties. But that just leads to a bunch of backroom horse trading in order to build ruling coalitions that invariably fall apart under each new stress. I remain unconvinced that’s a better solution than having to pick between one of two parties and simply working to repair the shortcomings of the one I chose to support.

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There are plenty of other parties besides the basic left and right dichotomy that can better represent your views. You may have coalitions failing and having to ‘cut deals’, but it’s not that much different than the current system, where the party’s leaders must compromise between all extremes of its members to come to a solution neither like. Some may consider voting Libertarian or Socialist throwing your vote away, but it’s the only way to change the system to one that truly represents your views.

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”...must choose to elect either a Republican or a Democrat.” Not necessarily. We can decline to vote for Dems or Repubs, and vote for Independents/Libertarians/others (for example). Both Republicans and Democrats want a strong economy (pro- big-business) and a strong military. The major differences lies with taxes and privacy/personal liberties. Candidates do, and can, change political alliance; Joseph Lieberman for instance (“Democrat” to “Independent” ‘whatever that is’”). Many politicians are in for themselves. For your vote to “count”; precede it with careful consideration…

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I beleive that natural curiousity does get to you and let your imagination run wild in terms of what everyone looks like unlessthey already have a pic of themselves up….but its human nature to be nosey….I play with people on xbox live and wonder often what they look like or where they are from

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@ETpro I see your points, but I would argue that it is the opposite. Two big parties representing the political spectrum creates factions within, factions that would otherwise make up individual parties. Deals and co-operation between parties are public, in contrast to the dealing of factions and interest groups within a big party.

I am of the opinion that having multiple parties in practice does represent the individual better than a two party system. I think that having multiple parties also make it more likely that a party has a distinct political program.

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@oratio You may be right. I certainly would not withold my vote from any potentially viable party just because it’s name didn’t start with a D or R.

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