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Has Google given an official release date for the Nexus One phone?

Asked by NoCatharsis (207points) December 29th, 2009

The most I’ve heard is an unofficial January 5th release, but not sure how reliable that is. Also, any word on the MSRP? And would there be any complications using my AT&T SIM card with it?

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Google has not given a date yet, it is rumored to be be around January 5th like you said. Its also rumored to be around $200 for T Mobile. They are an carrier that might possibly sell it with a contract. No word yet on how much it will cost unlocked. It being unlocked it would be able to easily work with AT&T.

Rumor has it that you might be able to get it for any carrier. Just select which carrier you have at time of purchase. Should be interesting to see how Google wants to handle things.

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The latest rumors according to Gizmodo is that it will be sold directly by Google for $180 with a new 2 year contract from T-Mobile or $530 unlocked.

As far as they know, Google will begin taking orders on January 5th at 9AM.

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And on that date they’ll be having some sort of huge Google event.

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I thnk the Jan-5th date is just the press release, product release will be later this year

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@rottenit It is a press release. But theres also something else going on.

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