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How do I get names of grocery store managers in my area?

Asked by MelissaP (4points) December 29th, 2009

I want to sell a marketing plan to grocery stores in my area, it would greatly help if I had a contact name. Do you have any suggestions?

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You’re probably going to have to call each store and ask. I can’t think of any organizational list that’s going to be that specific.

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Go to the website, walk in the store, call.

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And they will blow you off.

If it is not coming from corporate, they do not what to know or usually do not have the time to listen.

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Go directly into the store and ask for the managers name. The only thing about this is the managers have shifts and the purchasing manager may not be the same as the one who is on when you ask. So specifically ask for the purchasing managers name.

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I would assume you can go up to an employee during working hours and ask them if it’d be possible for you to speak with a manager. In my experiences, it’s better for one to call, ask for the manager, arrange an in-person meeting with the manager emphasizing that you do not mean to interrupt any current plans they have so that they can correctly fit you into their schedule.

good luck.

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Every store in my area has a picture and name of the manager very near the front of the store.

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