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any tips and recipes for cooking scallops?

Asked by millie (53points) January 5th, 2007
I would like to eat scallops every night of the week, and I may have to since I'm never sure how long they keep either cooked or uncooked!
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searing them on both sides is my favorite way of cooking them
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As with all thawed shellfish cook within two days
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I like them wrapped with bacon and pan-seared with white wine and basil.
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Sear on both sides with olive oil. Add salt and a significant amount of black pepper. Delicious
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Throw them in rapidly boiling water for 5 seconds,then take them out and shake them in a mixture of flour,1 tsp of pepper and half tsp of salt. Have a frying pan searing hot with a light coating of extra virgin olive oil in it. Throw the scallops in there for a few seconds until cooked. Pour in a few tablespoons of white wine and rapidly cover them in it

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