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What is the greatest question in fluther history?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11287points) December 29th, 2009

Inspire by this question . Which one has the most GQ’s ?

What about the greatest answer in fluther history?

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I have’nt asked it yet be patient.

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Good gahd.. the ball really got rolling on that question @AstroChuck. Holy Cow!

@ucme I’m waaaaiiittttting… heh

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Most GAs is from the same thread-

YESSSSSSSSSS…... You had better no be kidding me…. Everyone…. I’m crying
sccrowell (2913)Great Answer! (111)

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@AstroChuck Holy crap. What a crock. That is totally not the greatest answer ever. XD Fluther is a strange beast.

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@NaturalMineralWater ~~~ Blasphemer! Have you no heart? I cried when I read that quip and spent the next few days elated. :)

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How do I make a boy/girl like me? How do I change my boy/girlfriend? Will you do my research for me? Will you do my thinking for me? Please join us in congratulating some idiot for achieving 10,000 excessively inflated lurve?

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Not to sound like a total suck-up/mush/ass-kisser or whatever comes to mind, but honestly I think that ALL Fluther questions are great ones. They all mean something to the person who is asking them and all deserve true and thoughtful answers. Just IMO though ;)

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@NaturalMineralWater- You have to take it in the context it was given. Standing alone that way it doesn’t look like much. But considering the question she was responding to, it’s truly a great answer, worthy of the GAs it’s gotten.

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This raises the issue of what you want when you want the greatest question and answer. Lurve may not be the right measure.

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@AstroChuck Granted. I’m not going back to read a flobbety billion answers on that one.

@daloon To me the greatest question and answer don’t include the description “quip”. Because… of course.. I’m different. XD

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“All Fluther questions are great ones”?

Even “I haven’t consulted a medical professional about this, but I thought I would ask Fluther instead”?

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@frdelrosario : who are we to judge the questions that are asked on this site. It is an open and welcoming site for any opinion on anything. Even though you, me or “Fred” doesn’t necessarily “agree” with any one particular question doesn’t mean it is not a “great question”. We ask questions to grow as individuals, and growing as an individual is great. Again, all IMO.

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the one about pancakes and popcorn in your pants orgasms—not going to look up the link right now sorry. oh, ok, fine, here is it is:

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Can’t find the Q now, but, my vote goes for the kid some months ago that wrote the Q about falling and having a cactus ram up their ass. in, amazingly stupid. lol

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