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Who is the best artist of all?

Asked by Rawtunafish (4points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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there is no answer to this, only opinion. .

“You ask a question. We get it to the right people.
Everyone discusses the answer

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michael jackson. strictly talking about his skill, musicianship, genius, dancing, performing, records, awards, singing and originality. he wins by a landslide

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In what criteria music ,painting, dancing ,singing ,acting. As you can guess we likes different topics .As the name artist is given to different activities. I’d say i prefer Da Vinci but is he the best? Dunno

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Good for you futurelake, just answer the question.

However, Michael Jackson is the wrong answer.

The right answer is, D.H. Lawrence.

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Visual Artist? Painter or Sculptor? Timeframe?

There really is never only one ‘best of all’ Through the centuries there are many great, amazing artists – you can’t just pick one.

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