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Have you ever gotten sweet revenge on "Da Man"?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) December 29th, 2009

There was a cell phone company who had billed me unfairly. Hit me for charges I had somehow magically incurred after canceling the account The bogus charges were for $50. I fought and fought with them. They fought and fought with me. Finally I paid them $49.99. Then sat back and laughed as I kept getting bill after bill for $.01, month after month after month! I happened to know that it cost them about $15.00 every time they sent out a statement! Heh heh!

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It’s legally allowed to send a check with a mathematical formula on the front. If i were to get back at the man in any way, I’d do it through a check detailed with complex polynomial equations only to finally equal to $8.42 total.

Make them work for my money ;)

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@baxter Ooooooo. Splendid!!

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Collect all your junk mail for a week and send it all back to one of the offenders via their SASE.

Feel free to shred it first.


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You got the best of your deal, but listen to this one. i finally saved enough money to pay off my mortgage. Citibank will attempt to tag you with all kind of fees, once they learn that you need a net payoff on a mortgage. we, like you, fought back and forth with Citi. one person would give us one figure, another person would give us something entirely different. i calculated my own net mortgage payoff and sent them a money wire for this amount. they sent it back, stating it was not accurate, that i owed $250.10 more. i sent another money wire for the $250.00, but i left off the ten cents. Citi accepted this money amount and mailed me a paid in full mortgage receipt. about three months later in the mail, i received a check from Citimortgage. thinking it would be a huge amount that i overpaid…......i opened the envelope and there was a check for ten cents! i still have the check and will never cash it. i guess they figured that they did not want me to get the upper hand on the payoff amount, so they mailed me a dime.

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Alittle off-topic. There a girl in my city with my name. She is not a good girl! I have had somany calls from collection agencies! When they are rude from the get go I am amused by ignoring them. The messages get meaner and meaner and then quit or go to a new collection agency and the game begins again.

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@john65pennington You left $.10 off the payoff, then they sent you a check for $.10. So…you actually owe them $.20?? That is SO totally going to jack up your credit! LOL!

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I bought 4 tires with balance and alignment from a shop recomended by my dad. Roads are a bit bumpy in that area, so I didn’t realize there was a problem until I was 30 minutes from the shop and facing another hour drive home. I called and talked to the manager who we saw face to face from the beginning. Every time, he pretended not to know who I was. I took the car to my local shop who told me the alignment was off and the shop had left the original weights on the rims when balancing. They even indulged me by swapping my tires with those off a new car on the lot. Ultimately, the tires had either been stacked wrong or produced with imperfections. I went round and round with the shop and the sister shops they sent me to and my credit card company. The cc company said there was nothing they could do as I had paid the bill in full.(???) I bought new tires from my local shop and personally delivered the bad tires to the other shop…let’s just say they experienced some BAD advertising.

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