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Can we at least celebrate the fact that the plan to crash the flight from Amsterdam was foiled?

Asked by Austinlad (16313points) December 29th, 2009

I’ve read many, many comments here and elsewhere about the failures of our security community to keep the latest would-be terrorist off the plane, and no one in government has denied that. But thanks to onboard preparedness, his malevolent effort was quickly foiled. The plane landed safely. Isn’t THAT a success worth celebrating. It does show we are more prepared than we used to be.

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Yes!! I have yet to hear them talk about the people that help stop the attempt.

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I might add @Austinlad you are being very positive.

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The plain fact remains that it was his ineptness that caused the bomb to malfunction. Period.

It’s nice that people jumped in to help but it doesn’t make up for the fact that if authorities had not dropped the ball it would not have been necessary.

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I’m just glad it didn’t work out. Whether it was due to ineptness or intervention I don’t care.

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My understanding is that a young and athletic passenger leaped across the aisle and tackled him when they started smelling smoke. I know I read that there wasn’t an air marshal aboard. What was the “onboard preparedness” that helped foil the attempt?

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Yes! It’s so stupid that no one is noticing that it didn’t happen!!

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I am.I’ll be flying out of Detroit on that airline soon ;)

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Oh no. What would Karl Rove have to talk about. Don’t you realize we are in a war with ideologies, dark imaginations, religion and the entire Muslim world? We should come out with guns blazing like a redneck with a shotgun shooting into the darkness from his porch at chirping crickets. If the neighbors children get killed, that’s just collateral damage.~

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@lucillelucillelucille ,Pat everyone down for matches,,have fun

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It is a tough job keeping everyone happy. Some people are bitching because of too much __unnecessary__ security, others bitching because not enough. Some think the would be bomber should be treated with dignity and respect others want him hanged. Some folks are so afraid that someone might be unfairly discriminated against because of their background they turn a blind eye to reality, others want to jail all of __them__ .

I personally think all religions should be banned, anyone getting messages from a creature in the sky is suspect regardless of the message.

I had a neighbor who was destitute and out of work but went out and somehow managed to buy a new tractor with a huge blade. He did it because god told him he should plow the church parking lot.

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I am disgusted!!! Toronto’s Pearson airport has to have RCMP help coping with all the new rules to fly to US. If the bomb material was in his underwear at his crotch, how are you going to find that???!! I don’t care how many rules you impose, only nudity will stop something like that!! Will airforce security grab his crotch and determine if it“s his real junk somehow?? Or grab those boobs or just ask me if I have something stuck up my uh-huh to light later in the john? SOOO stupid. And I read it was a technical fault in the device.

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