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How much money do architects make per hour? Month? Year?

Asked by rcano (7points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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I think they are paid by the project they have designed. And the amount of input/oversight they give the builder.

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Independant architects (principals) who own their own firms frequently bid on projects with both design ideas and fees. If the client likes both your ideas (past projects and ideas for the current project), AND your fees are in line with the marketplace, you may get the job. Now, if you are an architect, or an intern (apprentice architect), who works for an architectural firm (the principals), you will probably be paid by the hour. Every architect begins as an intern, and like medical interns they make little money (maybe $30K/year – varies greatly by experience and locale).

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One year later, I can safely answer – a lot less now than in the recent past!

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