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How do I get the Fluther icon (or any iPhone web app) to show up on my iPhone home screen?

Asked by rhontz (1points) February 27th, 2008
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you select “add to home screen” then just wait a few seconds. If the icon doesn’t show up to replace the “web clip” icon the that site hasn’t created an icon.

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make sure you have firmware 1.1.3 or later. If you don’t connect your iPhone to your computer and download and install the latest software for the iPhone thorigh iTunes. After you have done that go to the web page you want on the iphone’s safari, press the plus button on the bottom toolbar, Press add to home screen, edit the icon name, then press the blue Add button on the upper right hand corner.

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Note: some web sites don’t have special icons for the iPhone home screen, and you’ll just be left with a mini screenshot of the website as a icon. Fluther does have special icon.

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