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What gives with having to log in so many times?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) December 29th, 2009

I have had to log in five times in the last fifteen minutes. does Fluther have a virus or is it just my computer?

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I think it’s just your computer, I’ve had no problems with this.

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That’s something with your computer, or your browser. I have to log in roughly once a month.
Check your cookie settings (If you tell me which browser you use, I can give specific instructions on how to find them, if you need it).

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Ahh I think this could be an old WebKit bug perhaps. If I remember correctly it basically was if multiple copies of WebKit (some apps use the WebKit engine outside the browser to render things, also Chrome + Safari potentially) were running they would clobber each others’ cookies. Try updating to the latest versions—they have fixed that bug.

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thanks all. i think i will run an AVG virus scan. that should kill the critter.

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