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How do I get rid of Browser HiJackers?

Asked by stevenscottoddballz (7points) December 29th, 2009

I am SO tired of clicking on a link, then being re-directed to a web-page that has NOTHING to do with the link on which I clicked! I am having to CONSTANTLY “Copy & Paste” the link, & even THEN, it’s not always successful. I KNOW this is a “Browser HiJacker”. How do I get rid of it with NO extra funds?

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By “links” do you mean porn? If you do, I know exactly what you’re talking about. If you’re not, then this never happened and you’re simply imagining it.

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Throw your Windows through the window. That’s what it’s for.

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Parrappa, I got it all the time, only thank God it only took me to advertising sites or a Monster site. A few times we got a porn site, but we took that cookie out of our system, and it went away. For many months I had to copy and paste, and we finally bought a new computer because it was such a problem. The old one sat in the closet for 8 months. Then we took the old ‘puter out and started it up and after a few weeks, suddenly the hijacking stopped, and I got my old computer back again.

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I would start with running Malwarebytes.

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What browser are you using? If your answer is IE I would suggest giving Firefox or Chrome a try.

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We used both, at different times. Hubby knows computers pretty well, and he hadn’t a clue either. Thanks

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The very best thing you could do (in hindsight) would be to install Norton Ghost and ghost your computer when you have it all cleaned up and tweaked like you want it. Save the ghost image somewhere where you can get to it easily. Whenever you get a hijacker or trojan of any kind, simply call up the ghost image to reset your computer and you’ll be good as new! Takes about 5 minutes.

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Cool. I’ll pass the info on. Bet hubby’ll be intrigued. Thanks.

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