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How many of your relatives died in the war on Christmas this year?

Asked by bolwerk (10332points) December 29th, 2009

Each year, news organizations start talking about this war. How many casualties has it claimed thus far?

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It’s a piece of ridiculous and xenophobic propaganda. People die, not because of people saying ‘happy holidays’, but from being trampled to death by people overwhelmed with greed.

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This site has the latest numbers.

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I was fortunate this year to have my family members come out the other side of the 09 Christmas Wars unscathed. It was touch and go for awhile in early December, but everyone made it through.

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I had a dear friends complain how the Sikh Temple won the prize for the best float in the CHRISTmas parade (On his facebook page.) I get so frustrated when my fellow Christians try to Christianize the secular world. If they had their way, whose brand of Christianity would be in charge?

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@filmfann Good link – but I suspect the OP is making a sick joke about the people who would rather not be wished a Merry Christmas when they do not believe in Christ, or do not celebrate Christmas. Radical Christians have labeled this complaining as a “war on Christmas”

I think this question shows a bad lack of sensitivity to the real casualties of the real war, as well as the people who have a right to not have someone’s religion shoved down their throat against their will.

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@bolwerk Don’t count an any responses from any relatives. The only casualty was a Sgt from San Francisco who is survtved by a wife and 3 young children, In the unlikely event she is a Jelly, she probably has other things to do.

You might get a better response it you ask anyone whose family member died on Christmas Day, that is a field of almost 50,000-mosr of whom are grieving enough for you.

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