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Whats the best colon cleanser product you know of?

Asked by minolta (328points) December 29th, 2009

I am in the process of trying to understand how to cleanse my colon to remove all toxins and harmful bacteria from my body. I have been developing unhealthy skin, bloating and have constant and unwanted gas that has been troubling me for quite some time now. Based on my research products like colonix have been proving to work wonders, yet 1 month supply costs around $90 and in contrast there are products out there that costs around $30. There are a few review sites and each site has their own top ten list or whatever and for each one it’s different.

I would like to know if you have any experiences with any of these products, how well they have worked for you, and which one you would surely recommend for a healthier life.

Thank you!

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Your colon cleanses itself. Everything else is at best unnecessary and at worst dangerous. Don’t fall for that, uh, crap.

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Actually your colon is Self Cleaning, all the stuff out there tends to be a Diuretic and you would need to drink lots of water. The best way to normalize your body is to avoid certen foods that cause Phlegm and digestive problems. Eat more veggies, green foods and soy products to help your body flush itself- your poop might even appear green when your body is full of all the great flora.

Take a look;

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Life cereal.
Cleans like a white tornado.

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Try cascara sagrada (not sure I got the spelling perfectly), but it does a great job of colon cleansing without all the hoop-la. You will want to start with the smallest possible amount on a daily basis, then increase the amount a little bit every few days or a week. If you take too much too fast, you will get diarrhea. You also will want to supplement with a good pro-biotic (beneficial bacteria) as well as quality vitamins. These others are just good sense. Comming off of cascara sagrada, you will want to do the reverse, so your body will get used to the change and you won’t get plugged up.

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Well, you see…just a min…feeling quesyBLaAaAaRrrpppSCPLATI’ll get back to you on this colon thing later! Whew…

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Two products can be found in health food stores relatively onexpensively compared to all the advertised junk.

Psyllium Husks

Colloidal Bentonite
(Sonnes #7)

Cascara Segrada is a very strong laxative which basically produces diarrhea. It’s very rough on your system. It’s very harsh.

Bentonite removes toxins and impurities and Psyllium provides gentle bulking action.

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What ever that stuff they give you before a colonoscopy. Followed by a fleets. Squeeky clean!

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Your boyfriend.

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apples, blueberries, pomegranate juice, whole wheat products, beans, legumes…it’s a lot cheaper and a lot healthier than any other unnatural product that you are wondering about

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Colon Blow and new Super Colon Blow (you can thank Ben for introducing that to me)

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@Buttonstc Nothing “removes toxins and impurities” other than normal, unenhanced bowel function. Do yourself a favor and look this up on a real medical site. Colon Cleansing is a complete and utter fraud/

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Don’t be silly. Of course there are products that help with colon cleansing. The best I have ever heard of is a Chinese Herbal Cleanse called Tiao He Cleanse. You can get it from Nature’s Sunshine. It consists of: 1 capsule each of Chinese Liver Balance TCM _Concentrate (digestive support), All Cell Detox, LBS IIĀ® (intestinal support), Psyllium _Hulls (bulking agent), Burdock Root (intestinal support) and Black Walnut ATC Concentrate (digestive support).

This cleanses all kinds of built up toxins from your system. It also cleanses beneficial bacteria, so you must also drink acidophilus, or eat yougurt, or buy the flora tabs from the health food store or Nature’s Sunshine.

NOTE: This product contains cascara sagrada, buckthorn, Turkey rhubarb and ginseng.

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@Kelly_Obrien The products exist but they are entirely useless in terms of your health. If you like to shit and shit, be my guest, but don’t imagine you are doing anything at all positive to your body.

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@pdworkin It’s always fun having a discussion with you PD. However, I suggest in this instance that you are in error.
I had a very serious staph infrection which modern medicine’s most powerful antibiotic of the time (OFloxin) didn’t even dent the stuff. It was like feeding the staph M&Ms.
So I went to a Nature’s Sunshine in the town where i happened to reside at the time.
The lady running the store was a registered nurse and an herbologist. She suggested the Tiao He cleanse. I did it, shitting even as you mentioned.
But I shit that staph infection out of my system. And It had invaded my lymph system.
But thanks for the input.

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There was a time when Laetrile cured cancer, too, until it didn’t.

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LOL…That’s a spurious argument. The one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

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Colon blow
Darn! @timtrueman beat me to it!!

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Dr. Natura (as I have said before) is an excellent program if done correctly. You can do it without it affecting your daily life. No rushing to the bathroom because you’re about to explode and stuff…

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@Kelly_Obrien @pdworkin is right. Most bodies can kill their own staph infections if all else is optimum. Any colon cleanse anything that comes labelled like that is cleansing your wallet.

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$20 at the time was far less than the Ofloxin and the Tiao He Cleanse did the job.

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OK, I was going to only link the old SNL commercial parody for Colon Blow cereal, but apparently, someone’s been inspired in real life…

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Psyllium husks.

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Shots of Tabasco.

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Eat a diet rich in antioxidants, fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water (8 to 10 eighht ounce glasses a day). Avoid carbonated drinks like colas and other sodas, they are waste calories. Avoid deep fried foods and fatty, greasy foods.
Each lean meat (skinless poultry) and fish especially those high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.
Minimize your consumption of white pasta, things made primarily with white flour.
Make sure you move around including walking and swimming and any sports your enjoy.

You will have a health body including a health colon.

This colon cleanse nonsense was created to fill you with fear and motivate you to buy products that were created to alleviate the fear. It’s a shameful, unsupported load of feces.

If you have a bowel movement nearly every day or so that is normal and not traumatic you have a happy healthy colon.

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Drink an entire half gallon of apple juice. Don’t leave the house for an hour!

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Also, don’t forget mineral oil and castor oil!!!!!

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I think you should ask a doctor. Not being mean or sarcastic or nothing, but were I in your place, I’d prefer professional advice over random online people. Especially for something like that. If you follow shit advice and fuckup, it won’t be pretty.

Click the X in the upper right corner and head to your family clinic please.

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Is shit advice, or advice about shit ever pretty?

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We got ourselves a philosopher on awr ends, now dems good eatin’!

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@Kelly_Obrien What’s the name of that stuff? Where do you get it? Also love that word “spurious” for some reason…:)

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What a load of crap.

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I just made some fresh red beets instead of the usual canned variety and let me tell you, they clean you out pdq! (and it’s such a lovely color)

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It is not unusual to lose 20 lbs in the process of doing a colon cleanse (that’s what happened to me). Some folks even lose more.

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@rooeytoo Do you mind telling me how you made fresh red beets? I love beets.

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@plethora – I have always just popped them into a pot of boiling water (add a little salt to the water) and boil them until the fork goes in easily. Then wait until they are cool and the skin will sort of slide right off. I like to marinate them in a little vinegar with garlic and a chili or whatever flavors you prefer. They are delicious, not at all like the canned.

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Watch out for the red dye, though.You never get that stain out.

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Are you saying they inject red dye into raw beets? I wouldn’t know why, they generate plenty of red liquid without dye.

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No I meant the natural red.

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A much easier way to cook beets without getting your hands all red is to bake them.

About the same time and temp as potatoes of similar size.

When cooled, take a few paper towels and the skins slip right off.

I prefer roasting them as it concentrates the yummy flavor. Boiling them seems to dissipate it somewhat.

Same for Asparagus.

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@Buttonstc – that’s true I forgot about roasting. I love all veg roasted. It is also good to roast winter tomatoes, you know those things that are red and hard and look like tomatoes but don’t have any taste. Dump a little oil, salt and pepper, garlic, whatever and then spray with balsamic vinegar right before serving.

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Are you familiar with Barbara Kafka?

She’s a food writer who came out with a wonderful book called “Roasting”

She does almost everything at around 500 degrees. It was interesting reading about her approach.

I tried it for awhile, but decided it wasn’t workable for chicken on an everyday basis as there’s so much splatter. Naturally this necessitates far more frequent oven cleaning unless one is an enthusiast of acrid black smoke filling the kitchen and house.

She does acknowledge the need for a spotless oven in order for this technique to work but I guess she’s a bigger fan of oven cleaning than I :)

But her book was a really interesting read.

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Nope never heard of her. I like the idea but I live in the tropics and turning the oven on is not my favorite thing to do. I have a small convection type toaster oven and I put that out on the picnic bench with an extension cord across the driveway! So I usually just stirfry or opt for another method. But the book sounds interesting, I will look for it. Thanks.

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