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Is the iPhone's small keyboard a problem or not?

Asked by thedonja (95points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone out there that finds the iPhone keyboard difficult To type on? cause I don’t… I still can’t believe that there are people out there that won’t but the iPhone just because of the keyboard.

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It’s a lot easier than hitting numbers multiple times to get certain letters. I mess up once in awhile but most of the time it gets corrected by the autocorrect feature.

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I agree with the two posters above me.

I’ve never really understood people’s need for tactile feedback…I think it’s overrated. I bet the old folks hollered and complained when they had to switch from typewriters to keyboards [typewriters are really hard to press the buttons].

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I always say its 100% user error. Anyone that has complaints in the keyboard will always have problems with “mobile qwerty keyboards”

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Ya. I agree with the consensus here – the iPhone keyboard rocks! I find it WAY better (as in, not even remotely close) to any other phone I’ve used before. I wish that you could rotate the phone to get the larger (landscape) mode keyboard in the SMS and Mail apps, but I’m still way faster, more accurate, and have better spelling (no more “r u gunna be l8” B.S.) with the iphone than any other mobile device I’ve tried.

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See Fluther iPhone keyboard typing

And as an old folk, I LOVE the keyboards. Now I can type as fast as I think. Electric typewriters were easy to use.The generation before that was brutal…plus 6 carbons and onion skins. One mistake and hours of using “Whiteout” and ripping holes in paper; plus changing the ribbon and getting red and blue ink on hands and everything else nearby.

Now, let me tell you about mimeo machines and stencils.

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ooooooo mimeo machines that sounds interesting

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@krypton; Believe me, speaking of ink on everything, it was about as interesting as a plow attached to an ox. Fun to watch someone using it but messy, inefficient, exhausting and time-consuming.

On the list, it is just below flying in an unpressurized plane or having cavities drilled w/o novacaine.

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not hard at all if u use both of ur thumbs and its alot qucker too

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