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Why does my cell phone beep every morning at 3:33a.m.?

Asked by gemiwing (14718points) December 30th, 2009

For about a year now, my cell phone rings every morning at 3:33 (or a minute nearby). It doesn’t do a normal ring, but makes a single alert beep that would normally mean voicemail received. Yet, there is no voicemail.

Am I haunted by a cell phone ghost or is this a setting I can get rid of? It’s happened on all three of my past phones: LG, Samsung and LG again.

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That is so strange!! It must have something to do with the way you are setting it up. Either that. or it’s a ghost telling you that they are coming to get you in March of 2033.

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Is the phone plugged in? My wife’s old phone would beep to alert her to the presence of saved messages, having switched itself automatically out of silent mode when it was plugged in. My current LG phone does not beep, but the screen lights up when charging is complete, sometimes bright enough that it wakes me up.

Otherwise it sounds like someone is setting an alarm to mess with your head.

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Do you plug it in and go to bed around the same time every night? It could mean it’s fully charged? lol it tiz creepy.

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Do you have some sort of past alarm or calendar setting that is still on? That’d be my guess.

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Maybe you have inadvertantly set up an alarm function. Maybe someone is messing with you. I keep mine switched off unless I want to make a call, nobody ever calls me that I want to talk to anyway.

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It beeps whether it’s plugged in or not. If there’s an alarm then I’ve had it across three phones now. Hmmm.

So this is odd then? I was hoping this was more common so I can stop getting freaked out every morning. heh. damn.

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Well, lets look at this from @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities‘s suggestion. Did you re-sync the phones with eachothers settings and what not? Like setting it up to sync with your contacts on your computer or having all the data transferred somehow? If not, then yes. It’s quite odd.

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I don’t know if everything was synced- I know the phone I have now wasn’t. The Sprint employee said he transferred my contacts but they weren’t in the new phone so I added those by hand.

Perhaps it’s the ‘entering coverage area’ beep? Maybe it beeps when they update in the morning?

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All of those were off except signal fade/drop so I switched that off.

and now, we wait.

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Hmm, yeah that’s pretty strange. I would start trying random stuff to try and break the pattern.
-Call your voicemail at 3:32am
-Set alarms/calander reminders around 3:33am
-Turn phone off and remove sim card from 3–4am
-Let phone battery die and don’t recharge til morning
-Call the CIA and tell them to stop checking your messages

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@Ansible1 damn CIA. always messin in mah shiznit.

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@gemiwing i know man, they’re all up in mah biz too

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@Ansible1 OK now that is some freaky stuff!

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Several months ago, i programmed Yahoo to send me the weather forecast for my town, every day at 4:00 p.m. when i decided i did not need this anymore and cancelled the service, its still there. my phone still sounds an alert each day at 4:00 p.m. i do not pay for this service, it just happens now on its own. i have called and called and my phone carrier has no explanation. i have just concluded that a friendly ghost has invaded my phone and i just accept it and carry on. if this bothers you, take out the battery and hide your phone under the pillows. if it happens again, you too, now have a friendly ghost.

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You need more foil on the windows…

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Hows this for you? My wifes phone, every night has been getting a call from “voicemail” every morning at 3:33! Didnt believe it until I saw it, weird.

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check and see if the electric utility has installed a smart electric meter on your residence. My brother was having the same thing happen to his cell phone at 2AM. check post on smart meter on this site. The smart meter is operating in the cell phone freq band. We covered his meter with foil and the rf interference stop.

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