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I can't scroll down using my Apple wireless mouse...

Asked by breedmitch (12136points) February 27th, 2008

The little finger-ball scrolly thing on my apple wireless mouse won’t scroll down. Well, it sort of works sporadically. Is it just dirty? How would i clean it? I’ve been reading Fluther questions from the bottom of the page – up, because the scroll only works going up. Whats the scrolly finger-ball on a mouse called, anyway?

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Its generally called a scroll-wheel though in this case I guess its called a scroll-ball. I’m not one for mighty mice but cleaning it out may help. if not seek assistance at an Apple retail store. Apple is generally rather lenient towards replacing products.

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Get a clean cloth just damp, remove the batteries from the mouse, and scrub the scroll wheel on the cloth until it’s clean.

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def a dirty button. Unfortunately its a character flaw in a “moving part”. Apple is probably keen to this phenomenon already and will have a new/replacement in the near future.

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I wouldn’t count on that.

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