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What movies have the best soundtracks?

Asked by Seek (34749points) December 30th, 2009

If my previous questions haven’t given you a clue, I love music – music of many different styles.

As a bit of a movie buff as well, I adore movie soundtracks! Sometimes, you can find the most emotionally gripping music in an OMPS.

I have the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, and Braveheart, Rob Roy, Gladiator, Excalibur, the original Star Wars trilogy, King Arthur (a’ la’ Fay Wray), and King Arthur. I also have the OST from Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Sound of Music.

What are your favourite soundtracks?

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The Dark Knight’s is pretty sweet, I like Back to the Future’s too.

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I’d have to say both Forrest Gump and Remember the Titans.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Forrest Gump.

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Michael Mann or Martin Scorsese films

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Garden State has a sweet soundtrack

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Tarantino’s movies have rockin soundtracks

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The Wedding Singer

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Cast Away is worth watching (even if the movie was no good) simply for Alan Silvestri’s haunting closing theme.

Oh, and Local Hero, for the Going Home theme by Dire Straits.

Can’t forget Casablanca, either.

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Two of my favorites are “Somewhere in Time” and “Out of Africa.”

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Flight 666
It’s Maiden ffs

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Not a movie soundtrack, but the soundtrack to the show Battlestar Galactica is absolutley fantastic (good enough that they even wrote it into the plot of the show). Here are some of my favorite tracks off of the 3rd and 4th season soundtracks: Elegy, Kara Remembers, Laura Runs, and their rendition of All Along the Watchtower.

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The soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes is pretty good too.

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Also, Madagascar 2.

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I enjoy the soundtracks to John Carpenter films, especially for The Thing. I’m also a fan of Tarantino.

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Office Space, The Beavis and Butthead Experience, Friday, Curious George, Last Action Hero, Mission Impossible 2, Pulp Fiction, The Punisher, The Scorpion King

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Immortal Beloved
The Big Chill
Eddie and the Cruisers

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Have to agree with you on Braveheart and with @Austinlad on Out of Africa. Both are wonderful. I used to like the Titanic soundtrack (I just skipped over the Celine Dion parts). @SuperMouse I had completely forgotten about Eddie and the Cruisers (thanks!). The Fantasiks is good (if a little old school).

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I really liked the Avatar soundtrack too

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daredevil has a very cool one listen it

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The Good the Bad & the Ugly
The Graduate
Harold and Maude
Fight Club

Any soundtrack composed by Giorgio Moroder (way too many to list).
Anything by Ennio Morricone (The Good The Bad & The Ugly, etc.)

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Jurassic Park (it’s been used in everything since.), The Hunt For Red October, Everything is Illuminated. Kundun.

Escape to India from Kundun:

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The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Not a movie, but the soundtrack for Wicked

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Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
The Lion King
Phantom of the Opera
The Prince of Egypt

Those are a few of my favorites!
(also like a lot of soundtracks of theatre musicals that are not movies – like Wicked, Les Miz, etc.)

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Pink Floyd The Wall

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@Gossamer good call! I knew it more of an album than a soundtrack and completely spaced that one. At one time I would have proclaimed “The Wall” my favorite album of all time. I’m not sure I can put that label on any album any longer, it would be too difficult to choose.

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Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ (Peter Gabriel)
Dead Man (Neil Young)
River’s Edge
The Wall
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Harder They Come
Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus
The Darjeeling Limited

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Saturday Night Fever
That Thing You Do
Forrest Gump
Dazed and Confused

OMG…I almost forgot Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! My kids HATE watching that movie with me…LOL!

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Highlander does it for me. Queen did the whole soundtrack.

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@forestGeek O Brother, Where art Thou has a great soundtrack, especially because the music has a lot to do with the plot. It’s a great mix of classic American music like blues and bluegrass. I like the madcap humor in “Man of Constant Sorrow,” but this is my favorite song in the movie.

SLC Punk has a great soundtrack of punk classics. The Moulin Rouge soundtrack is great for the over-the-top mishmash of pop songs, and the cast can really sing. My favorite track off Moulin Rouge is “The Tango Roxanne.” Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has a beautiful soundtrack of classical music by Tan Dun and Yo-Yo Ma.

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Excuse me.but where is Saturday Night Fever,Purple Rain,and Judgement Night?

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Ocean’s 11, anything that Danny Elfman scored such as Edward Scissorhands

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@forestGeek @Haleth

I love O Brother! My favourites are “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and the Siren song. ^_^

It’s interesting to see “The Odyssey” from that perspective, isn’t it?

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I enjoyed most of the song and dance routines in Chicago.
And would add This is Spinal Tap and The Commitments.

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i think 50 first dates, and forgetting sarah marshal had really good music

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I totally love John Carpenter’s Halloween theme, and its many variations.

While there may be no real official Halloween movie soundtrack, plenty of horror movie themed music discs have included the original, as well as remixes. I myself own about 50 different versions of that one theme itself, both official and shamelessly pirated off the net.

But as for actual soundtracks, you’re right, Braveheart cannot be beat. I love the soundtrack to bits.
As for the Excalibur soundtrack, well I think that Carmina Burana is included in like, at least forty twelve movies so…

Also, the soundtrack for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Love never Dies.

Total pwn.

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@limeaide Yeah its so one of my all time favorites albums and movie!

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@MarkyMark, @forestGeek, @Haleth Man, I totally forgot about Oh Brother and Highlander. Those are actually the only two movie soundtracks I own. Highlander reminds me of Flash Gordon, also a Queen soundtrack.

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Oh! How could I forget “Tommy”, while we’re on Queen?

Tommy can you hear me??

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@Seek_Kolinahr Oh, yeah. I thought of it as a musical rather than a movie so it didn’t occur to me. I own that one too. But it’s the Who, not Queen. But you knew that and were just making a segue, right?

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Absolutely, @Snarp

I’m so glad you caught that, and knew I wasn’t making a complete ass of myself. 0.o

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Cat People
Heavy Metal
Rocky Horror
Queen of the Damned
Popeye (no kidding!)

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The Sound of Music.

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@HungryGuy LOVE the soundtrack to Cat People…another great by Giorgio Moroder.

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Yeah! I especially like that music where Annette O’Toole is jogging through the park and she thinks Nastasia is stalking her and she starts running and the beat slowly gets faster and faster until…..

Sometimes I play the movie with the TV screen turned off just to listen to the music.

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Amazing. I have it on my iPod- great running music, especially To The Bridge

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Yeah? How do you copy audio from a movie onto your iPod? I guess you put the DVD in your computer and you have special software that can rip the audio and then you just “cut” it from a certain point to another point, then convert that to MP3 format…

And yeah, that’s another good one on that YouTube link! I wonder how they masked out the sound effects and the dialog to get just the music…

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Woodstock, the movie

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Garden State
Pulp Fiction
Singles (if you miss the ‘90s)
Dazed and Confused + Even More Dazed and Confused (the ‘70s!!!)
I Am Sam

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Has 2001 been listed?

The title track is the opening music from “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss.
Also works of Johann Strauss, Aram Khachaturian and “Daisy, Daisy,” sung by Hal.

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Some time ago the AFI released a list of the greatest soundtracks of all time and they put “O Brother Where Art Thou?” at the top. This thread seems to confirm it and it is certainly my favorite. If I recall correctly they had Amadeus at #2 and I know that American Beauty was up in the top 5.

Sweeney Todd is definitely worth a mention as well.
(had to go back in to add 2 more… Requiem for a Dream had one of the most powerful themes ever recorded. Also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The music in that flick was even better than the cinematography)

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Any movie by Wes Anderson has a great soundtrack. Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums especially!

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You’ve Got Mail
Night at the Roxbury
Office Space
scores to Halloween and Saw

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The Incredibles (a complete gem)
Blade Runner
The Fountain
Total Recall (the original)
Sweeny Todd (the film of the play)
You Only Live Twice (the Space March theme is amazing. It’s cold and it glitters)

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