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Soda got spilled on my laptop, can I save it?

Asked by brinibear (1388points) December 30th, 2009

My father was moving a soda around my laptop, and spilled it. I really need help. Can I use a blow dryer?
Can I even save it?

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My daughter did the same and we used a hair blower and kept it upside down. It was a little hinky for a couple of weeks but is okay now.

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Just dry it really fast, if its too late, you can see if the HD still works by taking it out and turning it into an external HD and hooking it up to a new computer. I did this after spilling a vodka and redbull on my laptop. The HD was fine but the rest was done.

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Happened to me as well. It was so severe the whole thing shut down actually.

I took the battery out and left it to dry for three days. Powered it up and it was working fine, only a few buttons are still kinda sticky.

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No. I’m pretty sure that soda is ruined.

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It has prolly gone flat and stale….


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Put it in the washing machine. Cold water.

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Somebody (@shilolo) posted this link elsewhere in a very similar question, so I felt it appropriate to pass it along. It it helps you, don’t thank me; thank @shilolo

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I already posted it in my PS above. But, better late than never I suppose!

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@Kelly_Obrien I didn’t follow your link. Mea culpa!

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Mine could not be saved when my husband spilled a diet coke in it. :(

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Depends on how far the moisture got into the circuitry. Sometimes once its dry the components still work, other times it may ruin the hardware which would require a board replacement.

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This is why I suggest using a cool lift™ type of laptop pad. It lifts the laptop off the table for better air circulation. As such, it also lifts the laptop above many spills not spilt directly onto the unit.

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I hope the soda did not contain sugar. sugar will make the key stick forever. diet sodas do not have the same effect. wipe it dry with a cloth. pour some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. spray the keyboard and use a soft brush to go between the keys. use another clothe to again wipe it dry. use a hairdryer. the alcohol will evaporate and the keys should be again free.

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Hi, my wife put a soda bottle in her backpack with her notebook, and later it didnt turned on, she said it was wet,... now that i look at it, maybe it was just condensation…

She told me she tried to turn it on a couple of times and then called me; so I took the notebook and examined it. It isnt sticky and have no noticeable dry stains. Maybe its condensation…

I have a little atomizer nozzle that came with a candy, I’ve used it for years to clean my keyboards. I fill it with alcohol and spraying it along with a new toothbrush makes everything new again. Im thinking in break apart the notebook, make sure it is completely discharged, me without static, spray a little alcohol on it, and before it evaporates, wash it away with the toothbrush… but i have my doubts about; any ideas?

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Put it in rice.

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