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What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Asked by thedonja (95points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

this is stupid, i know. But provide your answer with an explaination.

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Evolution doesn’t involve ny drastic changes so the answer completely depends on what one’s definition of a chicken is. In short, neither.

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Neither. One could not be without the other so in the line of events, the chickhen came first, with strings attatched, that she had to lay an egg to give birth, Hatch, a replica of herself. The real problem is, where was the rooster?

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No one came untill the rooster did, hehe

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The egg came first. At some point in time what we would define as a chicken diverged from its ancestor due to mutation. While this evolution would have occured due to countless mutations one would have to pick one to be the defining mutation which yielded a chicken. This mutation would have occured over one generation and thus a non-chicken by arbitrary definition would have laid an egg containing a chicken so the egg came first.

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LMAO @allen_o !

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The egg came first. It would then become the chicken. More than likely, it evolved from other creature over time, and eventually became it’s own species. So, technically, the original species laid the chicken egg. That, or good just said screw it and spawned chickens out of his ass, depending on your view of evolution.

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