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Is there any way to save an '05 MacBook after spilling hot cocoa on it?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) December 30th, 2009

The computer was open and on and it shorted out. It’s not sounding good, to be honest. Is there any way to save it? The cocoa was not made with milk (it was vegan).

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Not the hardware, possibly the harddrive though. You would have to take it in to have it looked at.

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Great answer for “it was vegan”.

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This post seems to provide some useful advice.

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rinse with water.

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Thanks, @shilolo, the housemate who cares read through at least page seven of that thread. We’re just hoping for extra advice over here.

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@EmpressPixie Perhaps a short prayer is in order? :P

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Prayer? I think that the magnitude of the problem here demands no less than a sacrifice.

It never ceases to amaze me that people seem to think that their personal situation is unique enough that they can avoid bad consequences just because they are them.

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@jerv Sorry, the prayer reference was an inside joke… You are absolutely right, that a ritual sacrifice of at least on virgin is on order. I know just which moderator to suggest ;-)

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whatever you do, don’t try turning it on any more. that’ll only worsen things. at this point, you (as was said earlier) can probably salvage the HD.

if the genuises at your apple store are nice, they’ll let you do a data transfer from that HD to a new computer.

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Do have to say that the irony of spilling Cocoa on a Mac is not lost on me, at least.

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Add marshmallows.

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