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What is a good book for learning PHP and MySQL?

Asked by HungryGuy (16002points) December 30th, 2009

I’m a programmer who knows a number of mainframe languages and DB2 SQL quite well. I’m comfortable finding my way around a Unix system—though the case sensitivity irks me sometimes. I even know a fair amount of Javascript. But I know zilch about Apache, PHP, or MySQL. So I don’t want a book that’ll talk down to me like I’m a “dummy” or rank beginner. I’ve always liked the O’Reilly books, though they’re a tad expensive.

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I’d start here:

Get a feel for PHP, then buy books to fill in the gaps or get deeper into particular areas.

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Books are crap, use the internet.

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The PHP manual is great, and you can probably get that in book form.

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I quite like the website – I would not suggest reading the manual. Just too much information all at once.

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The manual is information overload. It’s largely designed for experienced developers to hit the ground running with features of the language they’re either vaguely familiar with or have never heard of.

I’ve read PHP and MySQL Web Development, published by Addison-Wesley, part of their Developer’s Library books, and it was pretty good (I had a decent understanding of the language before I read the book, mind you). I used that book to help teach a friend PHP and he has become very competent with the language, despite being a non-programmer before hand.

Unfortunately books are nowhere near the end-all solution to learning a programming language, you have to use it in the wild, so try lots of online tutorials and find some examples of things you could use to test your skills (build a shopping card, blog, etc).

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