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Should I trust this site?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) December 30th, 2009

I browse shoes EVERYDAY and today i come across a site offering a pair of Nike’s (pee wee hermans)

for 75 dollars. When I check on flight club (a known shoe store) they are priced at 260 dollars…. do you think this is too good to be true?

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Check the BBB and McAfee site advisor- they have reports of scammy sites. Also google the name of the website and add scam or review to it.

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Too good to be true! Too good to be true! Too good to be true!

I’ve never come across something that gives me that feeling that was legit.

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No problem. Go for it. Give then your info.

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Try contacting the site. That’ll give you the information you need.

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No the site redirects to another site which usually means it’s not legit.
I agree too good to be true!

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No, do not trust that site.

1) The web site provides no street address or phone number.

2) The domain name does not have a legit street address, phone number or email address attached

3) They display a “Verisign Secured” logo, but Verisign says “Unfortunately we cannot find a VeriSign® SSL certificate for this specific web address”

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@jaytkay- GA…kudos to you :)

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If you can risk the $75.00 bucks, get the pay pal plug in. They will generate a one time use MasterCard number so you don’t have to risk anyone getting your information.

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Don’t most online stores have an about section? I don’t see one on this site, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But perhaps they don’t want people knowing where they’re located?

It looks legit to me, but be very careful. Look for the closed lock icon in the search bar when checking out but this may depend on the type of browser you’re using.

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