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If you steal something, will you get caught?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) December 30th, 2009

Like if you steal a peice of candy, and the alarm didn’t go off, is there any risk that you will be caught? Will they announce it on T.V? Internet? What about if a 6 year old did that?

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lol, nah man :)

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Do you mean in a store, or at someone else’s home, or in your own kitchen?

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Unfortunately, if you steal something, you know you did it, whether you are 6 or 60. So, you are caught.

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I doubt it.If that were my 6 year old ,I would take him back to the store,make him return it ith an apology.

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You may be caught or you may not. But the issue is that you will know that you have stolen something.

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Not necessarily. I stole a candy bar from a store while I was in a stroller at age 3. I never got caught. :)

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@DominicX was there a camera near by?

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Anything you take that is not yours, you will loose at least 10 times more.
The first thing you will loose is your integrity and knock a great big hole in your character. That has a ripple effect in your life and will chip you away inside.
Doesn’t matter how small the item is or whether it’s just time from your employer.
It’s a line that cannot be crossed no matter what, if you value your principals and standards you live by.
You catch yourself when you steal and the punishment is your own, by making yourself less than a decent human being. Of course others can catch you as well
but no act such as that ever happens without a repercussion.
That includes grapes in the produce section of the supermarket. For some reason
many believe they are free samples which they are not. If someone gives you the incorrect change, that is not free money just for you. By doing those things you may think you got away with it…............but like I said the first and most important thing you loose is your own integrity.

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I don’t know. Probably. It was a Walgreen’s.

I know a girl who’s a bit of a klepto. I’ve been with her while she’s taken little things from stores. She’s never been caught. 1 because she does it very subtly so it doesn’t look like she’s taking anything, 2 because the things she’s taken are very tiny, and 3 she has good luck. I don’t advise stealing. Just pay for whatever it is.

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@DominicX it was toys r us

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My poor little daughter took an electronic toy when she was about 4. It began to beep so she got caught with it in our van. She was so distraught that I didn’t take her back in to the mall though I let her think I was going to for a wee while. Truth is, the thought of packing 3 kids back into the mall for a $5.99 toy was never going to happen so I am the guilty one.

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The story in the following link makes for a great little eye example on this matter – basically a 12 year old boy was charge with receiving stolen goods…a 70 cent “Freddo Frog” chocolate.



So yes, you may be caught and may be charged, no matter how small you may think the crime is. The morality of the subject is a whole other matter though – be it stealing, or the charging of a juvenile.

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@Mclaren7703 did he go to jail?

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No, it made the news here around Australia and the “Higher Powers” stepped in and had the charges withdrawn..there were race issues etc involved too. If it wasnt for the public media coverage though they certainly appeared to be going to push ahead with the charges.

But it does go to show, that they are willing and able to charge for such minor offence

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@Mclaren7703 ok, but if you steal something, do you get caught :right away”. Like as soon as you go back to your house?

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Well no xboxfan, though it is entirely dependant upon each individual circumstance.

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like what circumstance?

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It could be any number of factors xboxfan..did some one witness it and know who you are…. was it caught on camera… the stolen item worth bothering about for the shopkeeper etc etc

Without knowing more, im guessing you are having a bit of a worry, and guilt trip here, with a situation you have got yourself into? all i can suggest is do the right thing, and admit your mistake, and accept the outcome. It is always better to own up to a mistake, than to be caught red handed.

On the other hand, if you are unable to do this, i would use the situation as a reminder that doing such things as stealing is really is not worth the drama you make for yourself and others, and take this as a lesson not to make this same mistake again.

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@Mclaren7703 after 2 days, should i still be worried?

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If its too late to fix the situation xboxfan, then i would stop worrying and see the lesson in your mistake. Chances are you wont be caught if it has been 2 days, but that does not make it “right”.

Think about the how you would feel if someone stole something important from you that you liked very much…not a good feeling…and think about the worry you have now with guilt….not a good feeling also. Is something to be learnt from it.

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@Mclaren7703 ok, i will stop worrying after 2 days

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My niece has stolen a lot of small things from stores, and some not so small things. She was only caught once, but that was a big mess, with the cops called in and so on. I suggest you not steal anything more because 1) you don’t know when you will be caught but odds are you will be, and 2) you know you’ve stolen something and that makes you uncomfortable.

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@Darwin did the cops call that day when she stole that item?

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@xboxfan – Actually, she was caught by the store personnel, who had been suspicious of her for some time, and then the store staff called the cops, who then called her mother.

The cops probably won’t come looking for you, but it is possible someone at the store noticed something but won’t go after you unless you do it again.

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probably not. when I was very poor, I stole food every single day for one year from a certain grocery store chain- I never got caught- and no I would not advocate stealing I am just saying quit worrying about it- when you are out of the store car park- it’s done

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@trailsillustrated true. The alarm didn’t go off

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@DominicX Fascinating that you remember stealing something at the age of three. What else do you remember from that time? It obviously made a big impression on you.

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I think you are just paranoid. I wouldn’t worry about it. It happened by a little kid?...the most you can do is go back to the store to return it or pay for it.

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@Chikipi i would probably let it go?

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@xboxfan- apologies I corrected my response

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@Chikipi should i let it go?

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@xboxfan If it was me…I would find a way to fix it because it would bother me and I want to have a strong character. I don’t like to lie and if I do by accident or fear of what other might think- I go back and correct it. It doesn’t matter if you get caught or not it is all about how you feel and whether or not you feel it should be corrected.
If you don’t feel guilty and don’t want to correct it then wait for if/when the cops knock on your door.

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thanks for the help

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Somehow I doubt it.

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Definately not!!
However if you start robbing banks and shit then you got another issue

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