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Are sex scenes in movies real or fake?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) December 30th, 2009

This may be a weird question… But I was wondering if the people who are doing a sex scene in movie like The Notebook or Mission Impossible 3 if the people actually have sex or if they just get naked for the camera? I was wondering because like what if the person is married? Do they still have sex or do they fake it? Or do all the actors fake it all the time?

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good question. sorry i dont know the answer

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A few movies have unsimulated sex scenes, but that is rare.

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Porn, yes.
Movie, no.

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They are professional actors, following stage directions from a script, and they are surrounded by lighting technicians, sound people, production people of every sort, a whole crew, not to mention the cinematographer and the Director.

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Except for explicit X-rated pornos (where there is no question that it’s real) the actors are just faking it—they get paid a lot of money for convincing moves!

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It sure looked real in Monster’s Ball.

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And if they look completely naked, they’re probably not through the use of strategically placed pasties.

@AstroChuck: Yes, that scene was, um…convincing.

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@AstroChuck . . . I just wantcha to make me feel goood.

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I’m going to have to go with fake in mainstream Hollywood movies. Like @AstroChuck said previously though, I was almost totally convinced it was real scrogging in the movie Monster’s Ball.

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Triple-X rated movies tend to show the real thing, which is why those actors are routinely tested for AIDS these days. However, in Hollywood films it is faked. However, sometimes the actors really are naked. There may be a closed set if one of them is a bit squeamish about being naked in front of lots and lots of people (as opposed to lots of people), and sometimes folks wear artfully placed pasties or bathing suit parts, or simply do artistic and camouflaging arrangements of sheets.

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Fake, and done as mentioned above. Sometimes the SOs of the actors are on set, too. I worked on an HBO drama some years ago, and, yes, sex scenes were shot on closed sets, with only the actors and people absolutely essential on the set: director, DP, lighting guy. Everyone else came and went as the director called for them on his or her walkie. That doesn’t mean that co-stars don’t/can’t hook up in the trailer/dressing room/hotel on location after the shooting day is over, of course. Or else Brad would still be with Jen. Maybe.

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Quit ruining my fantasies!
All the sex scenes in all of the movies are real!
Except for Brokeback Mountain, that’s fake! I’ve never seen it. I assume there’s gay sex in there.

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You’d be better served if you thought about how many of the sex scenes in your own life are real or not.

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@Sarcasm With all due respect, I think you should see a movie before making assumptions. There’s also a lot more to Brokeback Mountain than the gay stuff, it’s really a beautiful work.

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I second that. Brokeback Mountain is a pretty good flick.

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I hate to derail this question but.. @sliceswiththings I’m really not interested in “beautiful work”. I don’t like drama/romance. I like explosiontastic action films with babes and actiony explosions and villians who want to take things over, or kill people, or destroy things. I’m a simple person!

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Yes, but that’s not really sex. At least according to Bill Clinton and many modern day teenagers :)

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Ok. Being naked (and often they are NOT naked) in front of dozens of camera men, lighting guys, make up people, directors and such, is about as erotic as taking your high school final exams on stage naked. And for those of you who think porn movie sex is real… I got some swamp land for sale.

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@Buttonstc So if I tell you I had sex last night you don’t assume I had boy/girl type of sex that can make a baby? You would need me to clarify? I need to make a question about how people define sex

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[mod says:] Quip with NSFW link removed due to lack of proper warning prior to the link.

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@Sarcasm That’s fine, but you made it sound like you didn’t see it because it would be full of gay sex, which I guess is why it hit a nerve.

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With Tominvegas’ link removed, mine doesn’t make as much sense, does it.

He was referencing some Hollywood actress really did give a guy a bj in a movie.

So mine was just a sarcastic little comment upon how the times they are a-changin. As are SOME peoples attempts to define sex differently.

I’m really striking out all over the place tonight, it seems :)

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@Buttonstc This came up on another thread, I was not coming after you. I just think if a persons 16 year old daughter came home and said, “mom I had sex tonight.” The mom is thinking sex, not BJ, not anal, but penis in vagina sex, yet everyone gets upset that some people don’t consider oral sex, sex. I think it is arguable that sex means sex, and oral sex means oral sex in terms of common language usage, and so I give Clinton a pass when it comes to literal definition in a court of law, but that is a different subject altogether. But, I know gay people get very offended sometimes when I make this point (and I don’t want to offend anyone) and parents seems to want their children to classify everything as sex.

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And the dorectors are screaming at them. That pretty music doesn’t come in until way way later.

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I’m with @AstroChuck and the rest in thinking the scene in Monster’s Ball was real. I saw an uncut version of the scene where there’s a clear shot of the bottom of of Halle Berry’s butt…. and hanging beneath: Billy Bob’s balls.

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Shortbus was unsimulated.

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There have been a few indie movies where the sex was real, like Buffalo 66 (Eww! Vincent Gallo is soo EWWW!), a film called Intimacy, and some French picture called Baise-Moi (where it was banned in Paris after 3 days).

I’ve never seen Monster’s Ball. And if it’s true that she did him, no wonder Angela Bassett was all het up. She implied that Halle Berry whored herself for the Oscar she got for it. If a movie required that I actually schtup Billy Bob Thornton, I’d think twice about accepting the role, frankly.

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Lol ive always thought about this. If theyre acting like they are having sex it must be hard not to be aroused sexually even if its just simulating it.

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I like how you remove a link that you are under no obligation to click on.thanks again big brother.

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Now im wondering how the scenes look so real? Lol.. Watch the Notebook it looks soo real..
well her orgams doesnt look real, but the sex looks real..

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Are you all glad they have these explicit scenes, or would you prefer the way it was in the old days with a kiss and then fade to black with music?

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I prefer fade to black with music.

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How do the dudes keep from popping a boner?

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Its fake. Even though they are naked they make the actor and actress wear like a clear cup over their genitals and if the actress wants depending on how comfortable she is with showing her breast she could also get a clear film to cover her breast. I seen it on the specials part of the DVD for the notebook

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Robbie Williams was going to have sex on one of his videos – so he claims in his biography – but before the model changed her mind, he used his fingers on her and commented that she was quite smelly!

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Thanks Brenna_o, i am also interested to know the real answer. I have also seen “The Notebook”, The sex scene is so real. I don’t know that one is real or not. By the way, that is also one of my favorite movie.

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There seem to be quite a few “rare” cases, not only Shortbus:

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I dont really know about that but it seems so real.

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