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What regulations are there when it comes to censoring movies when they're aired on cable?

Asked by SheWasAll_ (2033points) December 30th, 2009

Tonight I was watching the USA network airing of Smokin Aces. I was surprised to see that words like “fag” and “nigga” were not bleeped but the typical “shit” and “asshole” and of course “fuck” WERE cut out, along with all nudity blurred. I felt this was a little odd, especially since the movie started at 10:30 and wasn’t a late, LATE night airing. So are there different (or no regulations) about words like that with the cable networks?

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I have heard the word “Fag” uttered on the “Nanny” The N word gets beeped now and then but not always !! I have watch regular cable channels at 2 am and nothing gets bleeped !

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I don’t think they are bound by any regulations but, unlike channels such as HBO and Showtime, basic cable channels rely on their sponsors for much of their revenue and as a result will want to appease them. Otherwise these sponsors may decide to take their business elsewhere.

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I don’t think there are any uniform standards anymore, unlike broadcast TV in the US through the 1980s. It is probably more a matter of appeasing sponsors or pressure groups than anything else.

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It is a philosophical and economic decision for the channel operator. It cannot be regulated.

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cable rules are the golden rule – the sponsor of the advertisements tells network broadcaster what type of show the ad’s will run with and what words are allowed, they preview the shows and edit what they feel is improper. Offend the advertisers and they pull the ad – then network goes broke.

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