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What is the best Apple computer to buy for a film major?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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mac pro (the desktop)

This model is the one used by professional film editors. They are built with multiple processors, separate video cards, fast video transfer, and lots of space.

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no dude, MacBook pro, entry model, $1799

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I would definitly agree with the MacBook pro if its a film student doing projects. You just want to make sure you get a big internal drive that’s fast, I wouldn’t go below 7200 rpm. While your at it, you should get final cut studio also. I’m an avid guy myself, but fc is going places. Good luck

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It depends. If you’re one to lock yourself in a room to do your editing – definitely go for a Mac Pro. If you like being on the road and editing, and MacBook Pro might be a better solution. If you get a nice stand, and an external monitor – a MBP will work fine, but the capabilities of a Mac Pro are far greater.

If you have the cash, the ideal set up might be: Mac Pro, and then a MacBook Air for day-to-day, traveling use.

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i would go with a macbook pro just because it’s more versatile, it works well for travel, it’s one of the best laptops ever made (this is coming from someone that uses a pc mainly) and it can do everything the macpro can. it’s amazing, you’ll love it.

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@amirman: Everything….? They make an 8-core laptop!

The Mac Pro and the MacBook Pro are the best options, but I wouldn’t overlook Apple’s consumer grade desktop the iMac. I use an iMac for editing in Final Cut Express and it does the job for me, but I wouldn’t try using Motion or most of Final Cut Studio. Be sure to have a big and beautiful monitor!

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It really depends on what this film student does as a major. If we’re talking mostly writing, then I would go with the MacBook Pro- but if he is a director, editor, post-pro, or sound guy, I would definitely say go with the Mac Pro.

Whoever said the MacBook Pro can do everything the Mac Pro can do is dead wrong. Yes, the MacBook Pro can run all the same programs, but there is no comparison between the two in terms of performance, speed, and computing power when it comes to anything intensive (like heavy editing or post production)

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