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Which place would you like to live, if you're given a chance?

Asked by prasad (3841points) December 31st, 2009

If you get a chance to choose any place on earth, which place that would be? Any particular reason?

As I’m from India, a tropical country, where almost everyday is a sunny day, I’d like to be in cold places where I can see snowfall. I would like Europe or Canada then, though I like to visit US.
Sometimes, I like to be in the desert, only in the night.

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I already did the research and decided that Orange County California is the best place in the world. A lot of other people agree with me, that’s why it’s so crowded here.
Summers in south Italy might be nice though.

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Somewhere with a gentler winter, but still seasons.

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Scotland. I will live in the middle of nowhere and have a big dog. Hubbs and I will take long walks and get wet from all the mist. le sigh.

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I’m a cold weather person. A native of northern New England. The only other places that I have found acceptable climate-wise are Alaska, Scandinavia, Canada and the South Island of New Zealand. Scandinavia is ruled out because I only speak a smattering of Norwegian and at my age my language-learning skills have disappeared. Canada would be acceptable if it were not for the crazy firearms laws (I do not feel properly dressed without a handgun in a shoulder holster), the same applies to New Zealand. I will tough it out where I am, relatively remote and well enough accepted by the community as a generous but eccentric hermit who demands only privacy.

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New York Ciy. Arguably the best public transportation in the world, and as a non-driver who hates being cooped up I will endure any horrible parts of a city in excange for independance.

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There’s this beautiful funeral home in my area. It’s rather small for a funeral home, but pretty big for a house. It’s pretty old and has the Victorian Gothic design, with pointy rooftops and a huge balcony. I go by there on my way to school nearly every day, and I can’t help but to fantasize about owning it.
It’s so pretty.

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Charleston. Love the weather, the beaches, the food, the people, and MUSC seems like a good place to work after doing research there. Its also close to family which is a must for me.

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@Symbeline Love your definition of “place”...sounds like a winner.

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Patagonia, Arizona on a ranch with loads of acres of rolling hills. That or somewhere on the continent of Africa.

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@Symbeline Addams family stuff? Kewl!!

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I want to spend a few years living in a lot of places before I settle down. I want to live in Istanbul because I am Turkish and I have family over there. I have never been there myself, because my family came here two generations ago, but my cousins have visited and I want to hang out with them more. My relatives who have gone over there say it’s absolutely gorgeous. My aunt said that the Mediterranean has smaller, more gentle waves and that you can hear the sound of seashells tinkling in the water. I really want to travel anywhere right now with a hot, dry climate that’s next to the ocean.

I live in DC right now and winter here is cold, wet and blustery but totally underwhelming. We don’t get many picturesque snowstorms (other than last week) and we don’t have weather that you can really brag about. It’s the most boring season ever, and DC during the winter doesn’t really have a strong sense of place or much personality. I really want to live somewhere with a strong “feel” to it right now. During the summer DC is different… somehow I love the humidity here, especially at night.

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@chrisf2009 It really is. They keep fixing it up too, so it always looks nice.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land Almost. :) No balconies on the rooftops themselves, but that’s as close to awesome as you’e gonna get in this town. :D

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I would love to try New Zealand. But I think I would want to vacation there before I lived there.

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@Symbeline I almost bought a place like that, (originally built by the owner of the Bangor & Aroostook R.R.), but it was so run down that it would have taken three times the asking price to fix it up :^(

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In Canada I would like to try Toronto, ON or Halifax, NS.

Outside of Canada I would definitely choose either Germany, Britain, Australia or New Zealand.

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The best place in the world is Lord Howe Island. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up on the internet. I guarantee anyone who goes there will want to live there!!

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The mountains of Japan, growing my own weed.

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I would really like to live in Missoula, Montana for a while. I’ve been there a few times, and I’m always impressed by the people, and the scenery is amazing.

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I’d like to live someplace with 4 seasons but only 1 day of lots of snow and 1 day over 90F, near the ocean but no hurricanes, no earthquakes, and no tornadoes, where the laughter of children playing outside can be heard without fear of bullets flying or kidnappers, a place without fear of terrorists, a place where strangers smile & wave hello, and where neighbors meet over the fence and welcome new neighbors with a pie. Unfortunately I think the only place to find anything like that would be Heaven, unless I could go with The Doctor in his T.A.R.D.I.S. and go back to the 1950’s.

Fantasy aside, I’ve always wanted to visit Bermuda, just not during hurricane season ;)

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There are a lot of places I would like to live. Pretty much anywhere in Western Europe would work for me, mainly because I think the European Union is a great idea, and I think that countries that offer universal health care and a reasonable level of social supports and worker protections are a good thing. I also like the availability of public transportation and the fact that people don’t think you’re crazy for recycling, not wanting a huge house full of crap, and having a small fuel efficient car. And I want a Fiat 500.

I also have a hankering for Vermont lately, mainly because I spent a few weeks there this summer, and they are the least religious and one of the most liberal states in the Union. Also not seen as crazy for recycling.

Also wouldn’t mind going back to the Tampa Bay area, or moving to the Keys. I like having all four seasons, but I still miss Florida in many ways that it’s hard to put a finger on.

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Honestly? If I had an endless supply of money, I’d like to build a log home in the Great Smokey Mountains. Preferably near the edge of a granite cliff with the bedroom and living room overlooking miles of empty land.

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For me, it has to be a busy and lively city. I have no desire to live in the USA, nor in any country that doesn’t speak English (because I have little brain and find languages too difficult to learn). I would like a warmer climate than the UK, and this narrows it down to either Austraila or north New Zealand. Since I have no desire to share my living space with poisonous spiders that further narrows it down to New Zealand. I think Auckland would suit me fine.

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I would love to live in Spain, in a small town near the sea. Eat fresh fish everyday and enjoy the view.

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I’ve not yet traveled outside the continental USA (HI) except for Canada so I can’t really say beyond the place of my choice for the past decade which is a diminutive northern California beach town. In my wild dreams then I live in Bill Graham’s former Masada compound.

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