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What do you miss about the 90's?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) December 31st, 2009

I miss grunge music, American Gladiators, Michael Keaton as Batman, AOL 3.0 chat rooms, Michael Jordan, feelin cool in plaid, only one Matrix movie, Hammertime, the return of swing music, watching people do the Macarena, the Smashing Pumpkins, Fruity Yummy Mummy, Playstation 1 and Baywatch. What do you miss?

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Being single.

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You know you can still buy most of the movies, music, TV shows, etc. from the 90’s. You don’t really need to be missing them.

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I miss the way it was accepted for teenage girls to dress and present themselves in a pre-Britney Spears era.
I graduated from high school in ‘98. My school was near a major metropolitan area, in a wealthy district, and pretty fashion-forward for the time. There were no low-rise jeans, belly shirts, designer purses, heels, flat irons, etc. When I visit my hometown and see the amount of makeup and ensembles these girls wear to school, it makes me kinda sad for them.

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I miss my youth.

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I miss the lack of reality television. I would not miss it at all if it went away.

Also, there was really good children’s programming on Disney and Nickelodeon. I miss that; one year, I went as Madame Trash Heap (a la Fraggle Rock)

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I miss playing on the playground

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@Facade, your statement, made me realize, I now miss my memories of the playground. :)

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@smashbox Yea :) I think all kids lived for recess.

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I miss Nirvana.

I’ll never get to see them. The last time they played NYC, it was 14 and 15 November 1993. Everyone from my restaurant job who wanted to go was going except for me because I didn’t have the seniority to take my scheduled shifts off. Apparently, it was two of the most kick-ass shows they ever did. Kurt was dead 6 moths later. :(

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being able to turn to nickelodeon and see some of the best shows of all time

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Spent two years traveling the USA!

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College. I’d have so much more fun if I went now. :-)

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I miss my son (long story)
I miss my six pack… turned into a barrel
I miss Star trek TNG / DS9 /

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Guns N Roses

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Being young.

Well, younger.

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@UScitizen ummmm…that could get in trouble…loll

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I miss all the great jobs and all the free-floating money of the 90s.

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@Mike Hunt Hello Mike…

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Having my kids still living at home and being innocent of the horrors of the Bush years to come.

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I miss the simplicity of being younger than 4. All you have to worry about is whether you’re hungry or not at that age. Ahhh…..

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I miss TLC.
Dooon’t goooo chaaaaasing waterfalls…

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I miss the innocence we had. No 9/11 yet. I miss meeting people at the arrival gate; holding balloons and flowers for them.

I miss it being acceptable and cool for a girl to dress like a girl and not a whore. No whale tails.

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being a little kid.

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@StillStephanie still a little kid to me..just kidding..

Welcome to Fluther!

Liked your answer!

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My waistline.

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Mortal Kombat.

I mean, simple Mortal Kombat that wasn’t 3D and didn’t take itself seriously.

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I miss being debt-free. Bills and school loans pile up fast when you grow up :(

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@andrewmgsutton Welcome to Fluther!

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I miss being a kid too… not that I’m very old now. I just liked the freedom, and playing and laughing, and having free time.
And I miss the dreaming, the endless possibilities I saw.
Mostly I miss magic being real

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One of my brothers-in-law, a few restaurants that have since closed down, my once super complexion.

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Bobby’s World, Rugrats, the Orlando Magic with Shaq and Penny Hardaway and the NBA

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Seinfeld and Nirvana.

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Being a kid and everything that went with it.

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I was born in 1990 so maybe its not fair for me to say 100%

But I miss the music, 90s had great music….older music ALMOST is always better to me, not all the time but more often than not I am playing older music :)

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@mass_pike4 : amazing.

doug, rugrats, old commercials… my house, childhood, innocence, happy & healthy parents

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The music, the clothes, and Seinfeld.

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Cheaper gas prices.

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@lonelydragon Seriously! I remember seeing signs .89/gallon. My mom tells me I’m full of shit, but I definitely remember it.

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@Allie I remember seeing .88/gallon and no one believes me either!!!!!!!

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There was gas in the early 90’s at that price. I remember because I drove from NY to Florida in 1992.

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Saturday Night Live was much better in the 90’s

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Even better in the 70’s and 80’s

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I miss being 20 years younger!

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Being able to refer to the year as “nineteen”-something.

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the original jordans….and super mario bros…...

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I miss unsafe playgrounds.

<insert rant about ‘safe’ playgrounds and how it affects a child’s understanding of pain>

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Funny, but I never really think about the 90’s as a cohesive decade. 90s thru today just seems like a blurry mush to me. I was 13 at the beginning of the 90s and 23 when they ended.I can easily pick out stuff as belonging to the 80’s though. Maybe it is because I associate the 80’s with my childhood. I think that for me, the nostalgia is for anything from 1980 to around 1994 when I graduated from high school.

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@Rude_Bear Ha! Good answer! Thanks for the laugh.

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I was drunk through the nineties, but I don’t miss that. I miss Evan being a child. The Pumpkins. A lot of the music in fact. Today’s stuff is weak in comparison. I really miss San Francisco too.

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I am future oriented so I won’t miss much but high school and college were awesome. About the 90s, in general, I will miss Biggy Smalls and Tu-Pac’s music.

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Hey, can’t forget chumbawumba haha. Sorry for getting those songs stuck in your head without singing them

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My ability to get up off the floor without groaning.

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my hair! it was one color back then.

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The best decade of my life:
* I was a thirtysomething instead of a fiftysomething,
* Computer skills were not essential to life,
* I left the Republican Party,
* I proved myself as a warrior,
* I built a house,
* I sold a piece of my writing,
* I was not a drunk,
* I learned the meaning of love.

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I also miss the time when I didn’t know anything about Early Onset Bipolar Disorder or children who have to take medications to keep from seeing people who aren’t there.

My son was born in 1994, and first diagnosed as bipolar in 2001.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land your a writer?

what kind, like musical,books,...? just curious :)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Steve_A Historical articles; military and techological history

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Anyone else out there miss the buzz you used to get from sitting down and playing DOOM?

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Being un-reachable
Vanilla Ice he was funnier when he thought he had a chance

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I used to love Tomb Raider 3.

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@Allie and joe,
You’re not crazy. I saw it once at 77 cents in the early ‘90’s (but only during that one week and never again after that).

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the 90’s for me marked the end of the last real mainstream music. in 1991 metallica the black album came out, nirvana nevermind came out, primus sailing the seas of cheese came out, and a lot more. i was only 8 years old and unaware of all things music because i had parents and a family who didn’t pay attention much to the arts or music so it wasn’t until after kurt cobain was dead when my mother was dating this nirvana lover musician who introduced me to the wonderful world of sounds i didn’t even know existed. and this was just the 90’s! can you imagine living in the 60’s!!! man kids now have no conception of real music with their lady gagas and britney’s and jonas brothers. its really quite sad and i blame the constructs of our capitalistic society for the raping of good art in favor of the inflated insidious lieing dollar bill. and i miss my mom too.

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Privacy and cheap gas.

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I miss my kids being wittle kids…

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I miss everything, because it pretty much all made up my early childhood (up ‘til I was 7 yrs.) ...yep, kindergarden an all that, good times, good times
Great question by the way

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Are you afraid of the dark and saturday morning cartoons

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@py_sue well I don’t remember being afraid of the dark, maybe terrifically mystified is a better description. And I still watch saturday morning cartoons…

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I definitely miss the saturday morning cartoons, god they were the best…I miss the regular cartoons too like rugrats and stuff, back when disney and nick had good cartoons airing more. I wish I had the old clothes styles back too and don’t get me started about the movies…

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@WolfFangAre You Afraid of the Dark? was a kid show on Nickelodeon.

Speaking of Nick, I so miss The Adventures of Pete and Pete and Roundhouse. Yes I watched these on Saturday night while eating my supper and before going out during college. Those shows were a lot better than the main network fare meant for adults on at the time.

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Kenan & Kel. FO SHOOO

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@alig986 Yeah! haha couldn’t agree more

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Yeah, gas under $1.00/gallon.

Of course, I remember driving away from a pump in the seventies because the price was $.33/gal!


My slightly younger years! Wish I could have had more fun when I was younger than worry about education and trying to find work in those days.

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Mainly the music.
And just the memories. Wish I could go back just to savor it more :/

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Early 90’s – I miss the cheap, funky first video games. King’s Quest, Bouncing Babies, Donkey Kong, Blocks. The graphics were so funny. We were so impressed that you could type instructions to that little guy in King’s Quest. And the responses were hilarious.

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“Privacy and cheap gas”... @shpadoinkle_sue

Feeling like I had a handle on anything computer-oriented!

Way, way less general paranoia and widespread inchoate malaise. Blurrrgh.

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I was born in 1997, so I don’t remember anything.

I hate the fact that I wasn’t there when I had to. I mean, I love Nirvana, but Kurt “died” before I was even born. I’ll never see Nirvana live. It’s so unfair.

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