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Are you able to put character symbols in your Facebook name?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) December 31st, 2009

I’ve seen some people do it such as a girl on my Facebook her name is shown like this: Jesselyn ✯ <—-with the character symbol.
There’s another guy on my Facebook he had his Facebook name in Arabic. So I was like, “you can change it to the way you want it? Well Let me try it myself.” I went to put a character symbol on my Facebook name but it wouldn’t go, I tried putting it in the front, middle and in the back of my name but none of those would want to go. I also tried changing my Facebook name into Greek but it didn’t allow me to change it.

So I was wondering how is it that they’re able to do it and I can’t? Did they do it with a cheat code or something or is Facebook just being kind of picky of whom it would like to have their name changed the way they want?

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Well, let’s play around with this. Have you tried going to a free translation site and entering your name? If that does not change anything, perhaps changing the language of your facebook will. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see English (U.S) on the bottom left hand. If changing the language does not remain permanent, then I do not know. The only advice I can give is that if you want a more interesting profile name, use common symbols to make a design. Good luck!

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Well, you could try cutting and pasting characters.
You also might want to use your character map. Basiclly you hit the Alt key, then numbers on the keypad. Alt 3 is a heart ♥ but there are zillions of them. For example Alt 456 does this ╚ Alt 789 does this §. Alt 9 does this ○

Also, here’s a translating website for ya

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You may have to change language settings for your profile to allow non-English characters. This may allow you to put them in your name but won’t necessarily allow others to view them correctly.

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