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Does anyone know what this symbol means?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) December 31st, 2009

ok, this is going to sound weird. but there is a certain celebrity who died recently, who MANY people believe faked his death. people are looking at TONS of evidence. One thing that may or may not have anything to do with this, is that this celebrity signed a LOT of autographs, and in the 80’s would sign his name, and “1998” under it. MANY times, so its not a mistake. and next to the 1998 was a symbol. its 3 circles with an arrow pointing to the right right under them.


i was wondering if anyone knows what it means. why would this person sign a wrong year with this symbol??

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isnt that fascinating?! how can one NOT be intrigued by this!?!?!

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Maybe he was hoping to get past the year 2000?

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@Zen_Again – but why sign 1998 in the 80s?

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Something to do with a loved one, like Carol Burnett’s tugging fer earlobe was for her grandma , or some kind of superstition?

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I have no idea, but I’d like to find out if anyone else knows. Which celebrity was/is it?

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@Darwin – Michael Jackson. this has nothing to do with the entire “death hoax” though. someone just mentioned it, and i thought, “well that had to be done for a reason, its mysterious to say the least! it has to mean something

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Well, this one woman says:

“I read just yesterday, that Michael signed with the date of 1998 believing it would be the year of his death. Sad becaause he always believed he would die young like Elvis. Perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy? – Dianne”

So that may be your answer, at least in part.

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@Darwin – yea i read the thing about him predicting his death which MAY make sense….but the symbol is the main thing for me. he writes 1998 AND that specific symbol together. you know what i mean? if someone knows what that is, maybe it will be obvious why 1998 is written.

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I’ll bump this one up the list of active topics since I really want to know the answer.

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