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Don't you just hate some new made-up words?

Asked by skfinkel (13399points) December 31st, 2009

This article names names, and what a breath of fresh air.

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“Unfriended” makes me want to vomit.

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That was a teachable Question, @skfinkel – Good job.

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I have urban dictionary send me their new words each day so I can try to keep up. I didn’t see one I hate, “OOOH, I just love her so HARD”. Dumb.

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Ginormous drives me nuts! I feel like stabbing the person saying it in the eye.

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I have just unfriended a ginormous slut whom I used to do some sexting/facebooking/myspacing/youtubing with on my tweeter

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I hate all of the portmanteaus, such as “sexting”, that’ve been popping up lately.
I also hate the act of turning a proper noun into a verb. Facebooking, Myspacing, Youtubing….

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I can’t stand the term bromance. I hate you MTV.

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@Sarcasm I agree about the portmanteaus, but verbing nouns are all the linguistic rage; do you say I’ll search for a that using the google search engine – or do you just google it? Do you look for a clip on Youtube or just youtube it?

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Not really.

None of these bother me, really. Honest to blog.

Words are added into the lexicon all the time; it’s how languages work.

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@DominicX That was a good one!

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Sorry @dverhey, but I don’t think you’re my type. ~

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I want to apologize about the word “hate” in this question—which is too strong. And I know that words are made up all the time (Shakespeare did it) , and it’s the fun of language—but what is going on is not always either creative or fun to listen to. Check out the article—it kind of says what I feel.

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@Zen_Again I say “I’ll search for it on google/youtube”. If I want to say I got a new friend request, or a new message, or update, or whatever on Facebook, I don’t say “Megan Facebooked me!” I say “I got a new friend request, or a new message, or update, or whatever, on Facebook!”

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@Sarcasm Well I use facebook, google and youtube (and email me – remember when we’d say “write me an email?) as verbs – and may the devil take the hindmost.

To each his own, bro.

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These are too silly to take seriously. And in fact I think the primary users of some of these words say them with at least a small sense of irony (esp., like, chillaxing). The fact that other people take them more (too) seriously than the speakers do indicates a kind of cultural disconnect. You know, IMO et cetera.

I guess the words don’t really bother me.

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Many of those are a bit obnoxious.

However, as an iPhone user I would hate to have to type out the entire word every single time I’m speaking about a particular App. To me it’s a very logical abbreviation. What’s the matter with that ? I mean, it’s not as if they are going away any time soon. Now numerous other companies also have App stores. Using the complete word every time is just needlessly pretentious. Everyone understands what it means. It’s not as if it gets confused with anything else. So I predict that one as a keeper.

I don’t even use this service, but should tweet be replaced by twitted as a verb. Which is worse ? I mean, you have to be able to call it SOMETHING, right ?

So I’m curious what others thoughts are on this. Should it be “I tweeted twice today” OR ” I twittered twice today” OR ” I posted messages on Twitter twice today” OR do you have an alternate nominee.

If one is going to carp about a certain word I think the least they can do is provide a logical alternative. Just banning “tweet” does nothing unless one also wants to put Twitter out of business.

And just for House fans, what else would be more fitting to describe the deep friendship between House and Wilson than “bromance”.

I mean, you couldn’t rightfully use the execrable “Hilson” since they aren’t lovers. But they are significantly more than just colleagues.

I’m assuming all House fans picked up on Wilson’s comment toward the end of the last episode. “She hurt you. She must be punished.”

If that ain’t true bromance I don’t know what is :)

You House fans have any
better word ?

Anyhow, those are my little musings, such as they are.

What say you?

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Interesting. I think “shovel-ready” and “toxic asset” and “transparency” are good imagery, I’m surprised those were the low-hanging fruit for LSSU.

“Teachable moment” sounds weak to me, when people often need a slap upside the head.

Anything connected to Twitter, Facebook or Myspace bugs me, kids who use those phrases should get off my lawn.

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I am not up to date of the new words. I don’t have facebook, Twitter, or myspace because I don’t have time, but I do have time for Fluther somehow.
I am still learning all the short words for emailing and texting like LOL…Up until six months ago I thought it was “lots of laughs” not “laughing out loud”. What ever happened to “haha”? Oh well I’ll catch up in due time

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“haha” isn’t gone by any means. I see it all the time. Most people use it as well as “lol”. I am one of those people.

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What about “fluthering”? ;)

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@augustlan- That came from the gods so it’s not made up.

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@augustlan What? Fluthering is a made-up word?

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@Buttonstc I would call the House-Wilson relationship a.. oh, what’s it called.. oh, right, friendship.

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Nah, it’s definitely more than a friendship. Significantly more. But not so much more that they’re gay. Somewhere in between the two.

Each of them have other friends than each other but of a much lower magnitude. Theirs is special. Like brothers, except no DNA related.

So, even tho the word did sort of get popularized on a cheesy reality show ( Big Brother) I don’t hold that against it. Bromance has transcended it’s seedy origins and emerged as the perfect descriptor for House/Wilson.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it~


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I second what @augustlan wrote – and as it’s New Years and I’m here instead of partying – I am definitely flunking – “fluthering” while drunk.

Happy New Year!

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Most new words are here today and gone tomorrow.
Those of value help our language grow.
By all means, object to the trash words and ignore those who persist in using them when they do.

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The “word” PMS’ing annoys the shit out of me.

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What, you don’t like the idea of Pre-menstrual “syndroming”? You crazy.

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Did you not go to first grade?

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You know, all words are made up.

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“Unfriend” and “google” as a verb… but I’m guilty of using the latter :)

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