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Does anyone know of a song called "Bowling Green"?

Asked by faye (17852points) December 31st, 2009

I liked a song in the early 70’s and I thought it was called ‘Bowling Green”. No one I know remembers it so I must have the title wrong. I’ve tried to google it- no luck. It was a laid back lazy song. Maybe it had bowling green in the chorus

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Wasn’t the Everly Brothers by any chance?
They do have a song called “Bowling Green”, recorded in 1970ish.

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As the redouibtable Wikipedia says:

”“Bowling Green” is a 1967 single by The Everly Brothers. The song peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 on July 8, 1967. It would be the final time The Everly Brothers would crack the list. The song is about Bowling Green, Kentucky and was written by Terry Slater & Jacqueline Erte, Slater was their bass player. The song has also been recorded by Glen Campbell, the Gosdin Brothers, Neko Case and “We IV or We Four.” It is BMI Work #144111.”

You can listen to Neko Case’s version here.

There is also a folk song by that same title recorded multiple times:

Bowling Green

Rm – Dinah

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Bowling Green

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Wow, Thanks, that’s it! I loved hearing it again = being 16, suntanning in the back yard with my red AM transister radio.

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